Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sous Chef 24 Hours On The Line - Michael Gibney

Pin It Sous Chef 24 Hours On The Line - Michael Gibney (Ballantine Books)

Gibney's debut, Sous Chef describes the good, bad and ugly reality of a chef from experiences working in NYC restaurants. The intensity of the job, long hours, and details of the responsibilities of each kitchen staff who work the line every day comes to life through the pages. Gibney portrays a raw and honest view of the hard work, passion and dedication that goes into this line of work. Gibney provides the reader with a genuine sense of what it takes to make a restaurant run, and showcases the personalities of Executive Chef, Sous Chef, Lead Cooks, Entremetiers, Garde Manger, Chef Plongeur, etc... Gibney enigmatically explains what he does on an a typical shift from beginning to end. For anyone who has ever wondered what really goes on in a restaurant, this book fulfills that curiosity on all levels. The intelligent writing and great storytelling makes for an interesting read. Sous Chef is a great lesson for the person interested in culinary school who dreams of being a Chef, or for the foodie who frequently dines in restaurants and wants to know what really goes on in the BOH (back of the house). I recommend Sous Chef and look forward to more food related books from Gibney in the future.
-Sophia/Two Frys

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