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NYC Hot Sauce Expo 2014 - 2

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NYC Hot Sauce Expo 2014

Torchbearer Sauces
The Torchbearers Sauces booth was hopping and super busy so much so, I was unable to speak with my friend Vid. This year, Torchbearers had some cool mini bottles of their sauce line and gift sets as well. The Zombie Apocalypse Sauce was well represented. Based in PA, Torchbearers makes Oh My Garlic, one of my faves on salads and veggies. Torchbearers have a friendly staff of characters. Did you see the Torchbearers costumes worn by some staff? Funny and priceless.

Torchbearers Sauces
Torchbearers Sauces Gift Sets
Torchbearers Sauces
Torchbearers Sauces, Oh My Garlic

CaJohn's had an impressive spread of sauces from mild to extreme, tasty and hot to novelty type extreme heat. One of the products was the infamous Black Mamba Concentrate, one of the hottest sauces I have tried. CaJohn was at his booth, and I saw him throughout the day. I picked up CaJohn's Chipotle Habanero Bourbon Infused Hot Sauce.

CaJohn's Reaper Sling Blade Hot Sauce and CaJohn's The Reaper Puree
CaJohn's Firehouse Hot Sauce
CaJohn's Chipotle Habanero Bourbon Infused Hot Sauce
Hound Comics

Puckerbutt Pepper Company
Puckerbutt has a great selection of woozy bottled hot sauces and condiments. It was nice to see them again this year and get a picture with Smokin' Ed Currie, Puckerbutt's President and founder. Puckerbutt also hold the record now for the World’s Hottest Pepper, the Carolina Reaper (Smokin' Ed's Carolina Reaper). The Reaper Pepper was this year's craze with many vendors offering a new Reaper Sauce, which is extremely hot.

Allen, Two Frys with Smokin' Ed Currie, Puckerbutt
A variety of Puckerbutt Sauces
Puckerbutt Condiments

Deano's Jalapeños
Vermont based Deano's Jalapeños offers a fine selection of Jalapeño Chips such as Sea Salt, also a featured ingredient in chocolate bars they were selling. The chocolate was smooth and had a tremendous kick from the chips and a pleasant salty taste. In addition to the Jalapeño Chips, they sell a variety of Jalapeño Bits for sprinkling on favorite foods.

Deano from Deano's Jalapeños
Deano's Jalapeño Chips and Chocolate Bars
Deano's Jalapeño Bits
Jacky's Jams & Jellies from NJ sells over ten varieties of spicy pepper jams
Hellfire Hot Sauce
One of my faves Hellfire Hot Sauce traveled to NYC from Wisconsin. Hellfire had one of the most outstanding and colorful booths at the expo. Hellfire featured a wide variety of their sauces like the award-winning, The Elixir and Blueberry Hell. 

Hellfire Hot Sauce
Merle, Hellfire Hot Sauce and Allen, Two Frys
Hellfire Hot Sauce Limited Artisan Hot Sauce Bottles
Hellfire Hot Sauce, Devils Gold and The Elixir
Hellfire sell limited editions of handmade artisan hot sauce bottles and had many on display. The bottles are a true work of art and each one is hand made. It was cool meeting Merle for the first time and have a quick chat.

Hellfire Hot Sauce Fear This Featuring The Carolina Reaper and First Blood
Hellfire Hot Sauce, Pure Hell and others
Hellfire Hot Sauce Blueberry Hell and others

Hoboken Eddie's
It was a pleasure to meet Chef Ed (Eddie) of Hoboken Eddie's sauces. Hoboken Eddie's is a company with a nice variety of sauces for all your cooking and condiment needs. Eddie's sauces are no nonsense, with no fillers and do not contain animal products, fats, or oils. The impressive line of sauces have won many high-end awards, and covers a great amount of sauce styles from BBQ, Asian, Hot Red, Green Sauce, Several Mustards, Jamaican and several more. 

Allen, Two Frys and Eddie, Hoboken Eddie's
Hoboken Eddie's Spicy Thai Chili Sauce
Hoboken Eddie's also makes chutney that should be great for baking and cooking. The sauces I tried were all fantastic. Eddie and I hit it off and is a great guy. I met him via my friend Doug Spiros from NJ and of Peppers and More. With fresh, all-natural ingredients you cannot go wrong with Hoboken Eddie's Sauces. We are looking forward to ordering and cooking with locally based, Hoboken Eddie's sauces and are highly recommended by Two Frys.

An assortment of Hoboken Eddie's
Hoboken Eddie's 

Whitehouse Station Sauce Company
Whitehouse Station Sauce Company based in Hunterdon County, NJ is the brainchild of Jonathan Kasper. The peppers in this sweet-heat sauce have a very smooth but robust flavor and are grown in Kasper's garden.

Whitehouse Station Hot Sauce Company
Whitehouse Station Hot Sauce tasting
World Famous Hot Sauce, Hot Shake
World Famous Hot Sauce, LBI Love Potion
-Allen and Sophia/Two Frys

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