Monday, May 27, 2013

Trace Adkins Maple Macadamia Mash-Up Ice Cream

Trace Adkins Maple Macadamia Mash-Up Ice Cream

Trace Adkins Maple Macadamia Mash-Up Ice Cream
I am not a fan of Donald Trump, but was happy Trace Adkins won Celebrity Apprentice. The final showdown was between Country Rock Star, Trace Adkins and magic man, Penn Jillette. Each celebrity made their own ice cream flavor for Walgreens delish brand.

Maple Macadamia Mash-Up Ice Cream
I watched the finale since Allen and me are fans of his music and it aired when we returned home from our weekend trip in Atlantic City. We went to the Trace Adkins concert Friday, May 17 at Circus Maximus Theatre, Caesars and it was amazing! It was only fitting to buy this ice cream flavor and decide what we thought of it.

Maple Macadamia Mash-Up Ice Cream
Maple Macadamia Mash-Up Ice Cream was so good! Allen and me never tried Maple ice cream before and while the flavor was bold, the dry roasted Macadamia nuts complimented the Maple taste. If you love Maple, this ice cream flavor is for you. We loved the crunch from the Macadamia nuts and the silky texture of the Maple ice cream. It was creamy, rich and delish! I will buy it again for sure. Congrats Trace Adkins!

-Sophia and Allen/Two Frys

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Johnny Rockets

Johnny Rockets
Bally's, Atlantic City, NJ

Johnny Rockets, Bally's, Atlantic City, NJ
Allen and me went to Atlantic City last weekend for the Trace Adkins concert at Circus Maximus Theatre, Caesars. After watching Trace, I was craving some meat, phew... On this Atlantic City trip, I wanted to eat lunch at Johnny Rockets so we went on Sunday before heading back home. I love the 50s decor, the small jukebox in every booth and on the counter, the music, and the varied menu. When we arrived, there were several people waiting for a booth, but we were seated right away since we asked for seats at the counter. Luckily, there were two empty seats at the end so we did not have to wait to be seated. We both enjoy watching the employees in action making burgers and milk shakes, etc... and this works up my appetite too!

Fried Pickle Chips
For starters, we ordered the Fried Pickle Chips that our server Calhoun suggested we try. We are Pickle fans and enjoyed them immensely. The Fried Pickle Chips were great and each bite had a nice crunch from the seasoned batter and a sour kick from the pickles. I liked dipping my Pickles in the Ranch dipping sauce too!
Rocket Double, yum!

Close-up of my Rocket Double
I ordered the Rocket Double with French Fries and loved every bite as I always do. The Rocket Double is served with Cheddar Cheese and is so satisfying and tasty. It is my go to burger at Johnny Rockets.

Allen's Frisco Burger

Allen holding up half of his Frisco Burger!
Allen ordered the Frisco Burger on Sourdough and Cheese Fries. This item is not on the menu yet, but Allen said he would order it again, so I hope Johnny Rockets adds it. Allen said the burger went great with the sour dough and he loved his Cheese Fries.
Calhoun at the other end of the counter working!
Allen and me were too full for dessert, but I really want to try that Apple Pie. Next time! Our server Calhoun was very helpful and a great waiter. He drew me a heart with ketchup for my French Fries and Allen got the smiley face. Hee, hee... Every time we visit Johnny Rockets, he is there working so it was nice to see a familiar face again.

Johnny Rockets on the boardwalk, was too windy and cold to sit outside
If you visit Atlantic City this summer, go check out Johnny Rockets. Burger lovers, you will be happy you did.

Sophia/Two Frys

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Harold's Hog Wash

Harold's Hog Wash

Harold's Hog Wash
Fayetteville, TN is home to Harold's Hog Wash, an award winning BBQ sauce and one of the South's Top 13 BBQ Sauces according to Southern Living Magazine, June 2012. Harold's Hog Wash is a mustard based BBQ Sauce created by none other than Harold some years back in Clarendon, SC. Harold's Hog Wash has a great bit of spice and even some heat from some of these ingredients: mustard, ketchup, sugar, hot sauce, black pepper, red pepper, and garlic powder. The mustard base makes it stand out from other tomato based BBQ Sauces. Instead of pork, I made my go to chicken wing recipe and smothered them in Harold's. The wings had great flavor and heat as well. Real soon, I will make some pork ribs with this sauce. Two Frys highly recommends Harold's Hog Wash for fans of BBQ Sauce. Harold's Hog Wash has a nice, spicy, heat kick, and is great as a dipping sauce to add a zing to your finger foods. Now that's what I'm talking 'bout.

Chicken wings with Harold's Hog Wash
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-Allen/Two Frys

Friday, May 24, 2013

Intensity Academy Sweet Chili Sauce

Intensity Academy Sweet Chili Sauce

Chai Sweet Chili
Intensity Academy Chai Sweet Chili Sauce is made with organic tea and infused with chili. From tasting this sauce, the predominant flavor is sweet chai tea and it's great. This sauce also contains Thai pepper puree, garlic, rice wine vinegar and natural spices. I made chicken wings with this Asian type sauce and the wings rocked. Chai Sweet Chili Sauce reminds of sweet duck sauce with a kick. I also tried this sauce on oriental noodles and it complimented the noodles very well. The pepper puree pulp and seeds add a very smooth heat. Michele from Intensity Academy in Tampa, FL  was inspired by her Mom Barbara to make this sauce. It is a fitting tribute and one we were happy to cook with and eat.

Chicken Wings with Chai Sweet Chili
Two Frys recommends this sauce for fans of Asian sweet and spicy sauces. This sauce will not burn you as my wife can attest to. Sophia loved the mild heat and bold flavor from the chai and chili. It is the right amount of heat to add umph to your foods. Try it on Asian dumplings too as we did. Yum! Intensity Academy also sells other sauces, so get some today!

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-Allen/Two Frys

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Lucky Dog Hot Sauce

Lucky Dog Hot Sauce

Lucky Dog Hot Sauce
I came across Lucky Dog Hot Sauce online looking for hot sauces from my old stomping grounds, the San Francisco East Bay Area. I was "lucky" to find this wonderful sauce company that makes a tasty line of three sauces with different heat levels. It is great to see quality hot sauce come out of Hayward, CA.

Chicken Wings with Lucky Dog Hot Sauce
Green Label - Lucky Dog Mild Fire-Roasted Pepper Sauce has mild to low medium heat and is real flavorful. I tried it on rice dishes, pizza, and even french fries. I also made chicken wings and love the taste. This sauce has a nice kick but it is not too hot, so my wife enjoyed the wings as well. Green Label contains roasted garlic, roasted jalapenos, and roasted serrano peppers. This sauce has a nice smoothness from the combination of both serrano and jalapeno peppers. This sauce also has carrots, lime juice, and dried chili peppers. Green Label - Lucky Dog Mild Fire Roasted Pepper Sauce is great for all types of food as both a sauce for cooking and for dipping. The low medium heat also makes this sauce a great option for high heat intolerant sauce fans. This sauce has robust flavor and will not burn you up.

Lucky Dog Hot Sauce, we used alot!
Red Label - Lucky Dog Medium Fire Roasted Red Pepper Sauce goes up a notch on the heat level from its mild counterpart. The heat level is right at a medium high one and is much hotter, but not extreme. The Red Label has the same great qualities and ingredients as the Green Label, with the addition of habanero peppers along with the jalapeno and serrano roasted chile peppers. I also made chicken wings with this sauce and on spaghetti as it tasted amazing.

Lucky Dog Hot Sauce is highly recommended. Both sauces are great and will not overpower your food and seasonings, and are a welcome addition to your homemade dishes. Every day is a good day to get Lucky!

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-Allen/Two Frys