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Easter Egg and Peeps Sugar Cookies

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Easter Egg and Peeps Sugar Cookies
Peeps Sugar Cookies
I first came across Wilton Peeps cutters and was inspired to bake my own cookies via, The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle blog (see link below). I ordered the Wilton Peeps and Egg cutters, Wilton Sprinkles in Pink Sugar, Yellow Sugar and Blue Sugar and baked Easter Egg and Peeps Sugar Cookies last weekend. 

Peeps Sugar Cookies
Peeps Sugar Cookies
I use the Sugar Cookies and Royal Icing recipes from Joy of Baking (see link below). For the Sugar Cookies, I adjusted the recipe by adding 1 teaspoon of Almond Extract and 1 teaspoon of Coconut Extract. I prefer the Royal Icing with Egg Whites instead of Meringue Powder, and love this recipe because it tastes great and works well for me. 

Wilton Peeps Cookies
Wilton Peeps and Easter Egg Sugar Cookies
There are two variations of the Royal Icing recipe, one for the borders, and the other for flooding the cookies. If you need a lot of Royal Icing, you can double the recipe. I do this every time I bake Sugar Cookies, and always have enough and usually leftover. For the flooding recipe, I add a little water at the end when mixing to get the consistency I desire. If you need to thicken the Royal Icing, you can add a little more Confectioners Sugar as you are mixing. This takes practice but after years of doing it, I know the exact consistency I need.

Squeeze Bottles with Colored Royal Icing
Wilton Peep and Egg Cutters
To tint the icing, I separate it into plastic containers or glass bowls, and use Wilton Icing Colors Concentrated Gel in Lemon Yellow, Brown, Blue and Pink. To tint, dip a toothpick into the gel, place into icing and combine with a small spatula. I continue this process until I reach the color I want.

Borders done on Peeps Cookies
I transfer the colored Royal Icing into squeeze bottles and cover immediately (see photo). I use the larger squeeze bottles with the Royal Icing for flooding the cookies, and the smaller bottles for the borders. Be sure to keep Royal Icing covered when not in use or it will harden. If for any reason this happens, just use a spray bottle filled with water and spray 1 or 2 times or until desired consistency returns.

Flooding the Peeps Sugar Cookies
Using spatula to spread evenly
Take bowls and fill each with the Wilton Sugars. Place parchment paper under wire rack so it catches the Sugars and you can put them back easily into the bowl to reuse.

Peeps Sugar Cookies
The brown Royal Icing is used for the eyes of the Peeps bird and eyes and nose of the Peeps bunny. Since I only had three colors (yellow, pink, blue) of Royal Icing, I decorated the Peeps Sugar Cookies by color. Begin by doing a border around the cookie. Continue doing borders, wait a few minutes, flood the cookie and use a spatula to spread evenly. Liberally sprinkle with the Wilton Sugars. Use the brown border consistency Royal Icing to make the eyes and nose. Repeat until you are done.

Easter Egg Polka Dot Sugar Cookies
I made 9 Egg Cookies, and after piping a border around each, I then flooded the cookie and immediately made dots over it to create polka dots.

After you have decorated the cookies, cover and dry overnight.

For the Sugar Cookies and Royal Icing Recipe, please visit Joy of Baking:

Inspiration for Peeps Cookies from one of my faves, The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle:


-Sophia/Two Frys

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