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Welcome to Two Frys!

Sophia and Allen, Chef Guy Fieri
We are Sophia and Allen and in 2010,  Two Frys was born after attending our first Food Network Atlantic City Food and Wine Festival in NJ. We took hundreds of photos, ate great food, met a lot of chefs and food related business owners. We decided to start this blog and Two Frys grew from there sharing recipes, product reviews and food related event coverage. My focus is more on baking and cooking, while Allen is the expert on hot sauce, BBQ sauce and cooking with spices. We hope you enjoy our blog.
Allen, Guy's Big Bite Brunch, 2012

Sophia, Atlantic City Food and Wine Festival, Wine Down, 2011

Allen, Andrew Zimmern Bizarre Lunch, 2012

Alantic City Food and Wine Festival, 2018
Allen and me are avid home cooks and we are always trying out new recipes and developing our own. I love sharing my baking recipes and we both share our cooking recipes. We cover food festivals, food related events, and farmers markets in NYC and NJ. We also review food products (primarily hot sauce, BBQ sauce, and spices). We highlight restaurants and bakeries from places we come across in our travels and from our neighborhood (Riverdale, Bronx, NY) where we currently reside.
Sophia, autographed menu by Chef. Guy Fieri
Allen, Riverdale Riverfest, Riverdale, NY, 2012
Sophia, Ruthy's Bakery, Chelsea Market, NYC, 2012
My background is not in the culinary industry and I am a self-taught baker. I love to bake and create desserts. I am known for my decorated cookies amongst my family and friends. I am constantly learning new techniques to improve my skills and plan to one day sell my baking products. Baking is my hobby, my passion, and it keeps me centered and happy. Baking for me is a huge part of my life. I bake cookies, cakes, cupcakes, flan, pies, muffins and more. While I have worked with fondant in some of my baking projects, I prefer to decorate my cakes with buttercream. I also prefer baking old-fashioned, traditional, classic and vintage desserts over modern ones. I have fond memories of my Mom baking Dominican cakes since childhood, so it's no surprise I ended up a baker.
Chef Sunny Anderson, Food Network, Allen

Allen, Trader Joe's, 72nd Street, NYC
I have a Master of Arts Degree in Biological Anthropology, and currently work full-time as an Academic Affairs Manager at a college. When I attended graduate school, I immersed myself in forensic anthropology and human osteology (bones) studies. I also started baking since it calmed my nerves. I found myself baking in between exams, writing papers and during the research and writing of my thesis, Paleodietary Reconstruction from Stable Carbon, Nitrogen and Strontium Isotopes and Methodological Issues. I never looked back!

Allen and Sophia, Chef Andrew Zimmern, Travel Channel

Sophia and Allen, Chef Melissa D'Arabian, Food Network
Allen is a certified Web Graphics Designer and cooked professionally in restaurants back home in northern California. Allen really loves hot sauces, BBQ sauces, grilling, and using spices. Allen has baked a lot of chicken wings over the years with a variety of hot sauces (from mild to extreme heat and BBQ sauces. He is a great cook and enjoys cooking and grilling.
Allen and Sophia, Pizza Factory, Oakhurst, CA, 2016

Allen, Buca di Beppo, Atlantic City Restaurant Week, March 2017
Sophia, Buca di Beppo, Atlantic City Restaurant Week, March 2017
Allen has a green thumb and learned to take advantage of apartment living with indoor gardening. Allen has grown cherry tomatoes and sprouted a variety of hot peppers and herbs, such as: basil, tarragon, oregano, chives, parsley, rosemary, lavender, etc. We also have some lovely house plants. Allen can be found on Facebook at the following link: Rockabilly Chef / Mr. Hot Sauce. Allen is a member of the Hot Sauce Group on Facebook and is friends with many great hot sauce creators in the USA and worldwide. Allen has become a successful Urban NYC indoor and windowsill gardener, and 2013 marked his first year growing NYC Urban Bhut Jolokia's aka Ghost Peppers.
Allen, Olon, Atlantic City Restaurant Week, March 2017
Sophia, Olon, Atlantic City Restaurant Week, March 2017

Allen and Sophia, Pompei's Grotto, Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco, CA, July 2017 

Allen and I greatly appreciate media access to food events and festivals, so we can feature them. We look forward to hearing from you, so please get in touch. We encourage you to send us information related to the above by emailing: twofrys.blog@gmail.com

Sophia and Allen, Black Angus, Dublin, CA, July 2017
Allen, Buffalo Wild Wings, Bronx, NY, January 2018

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