Saturday, March 29, 2014

Crazy Steve's The Good Stuff Seasoning

Crazy Steve's The Good Stuff Lick Your Lips All Purpose Seasoning

Chicken Thighs with Crazy Steve's The Good Stuff Seasoning

Pork Ribs with Crazy Steve's The Good Stuff Seasoning
We recently received Crazy Steve's The Good Stuff Lick Your Lips All Purpose Seasoning and cooked two dishes with it this week. On Friday, I used this seasoning on Chicken Thighs and it was a hit! I made Spanish Rice (Vigo) with Capers and Spanish Olives, and served the Boneless, Skinless Chicken Thighs over the rice. To cook the Chicken, I used a skillet and added one tablespoon of vegetable oil, seasoned with Kosher Salt and Crazy Steve's The Good Stuff. Make sure the skillet is real hot to sear the chicken well, and then lower to medium heat to cook through. The Thighs cooked in about 16 minutes, and I flipped them once half way. Just before serving, I sprinkled some Basil over the Chicken, but you can add any herb you have on hand. The flavor profile of the seasoning on the Chicken Thighs compliment the Spanish Rice. The blend of spices is a great combination and so tasty!

Pork Ribs seasoned and ready to be cooked!!!
Earlier this week, Allen cooked some Boneless Pork Ribs for dinner with Crazy Steve's The Good Stuff. Allen used our trusty electric skillet heated to 320 degrees, added one tablespoon of EVOO, seasoned liberally with this seasoning and Kosher Salt, sliced one large Green Bell Pepper and chopped one White Onion. The Pork cooked in about 20-25 minutes (cooking time varies so cook until done). We seriously love this seasoning! There is a nice sweetness to it but not overpowering, and is packed with flavor from the spices.

Pork Ribs, Green Peppers and Onions
The ingredients listed on the label are: salt, red wine vinegar powder, jalapeno powder, onion powder, cider vinegar powder, sweet pepper powder, pepper powder, paprika, ground celery, cayenne pepper, ground black pepper and spices. We loved both dishes with this seasoning. We recommend Crazy Steve's The Good Stuff Lick Your Lips All Purpose Seasoning for your favorite meats and veggies.

Chicken Thighs and Spanish Rice with Olives and Capers
For further information and to order, please visit Crazy Steve's Pickles:


-Sophia and Allen/Two Frys

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Hellfire Gourmet Hot Sauce Reserve 2013

Hellfire Gourmet Hot Sauce Reserve 2013

Hellfire Reserve on local NYC Mexican take out.
Hellfire Private Reserve Gourmet Hot Sauce is a mild, tasty multiple pepper hot sauce. The 2013 Reserve is now SOLD OUT. The good news is the Hellfire Private Reserve Gourmet Hot Sauce 2014 will be produced in the next few months this spring. This news came right from the maker of Hellfire himself. The 2013 is like a fine wine, unique and limited in production. I had this on Mexican food and rice dishes as well. I also tried this sauce on beans, both black and red. This sauce is real gung-ho with pepper and flavors. It has an almost sweet and smokey flavor. Try it on steamed vegetables also for a kick.

Hellfire Gourmet Reserve 2013 is a blend of habaneros, jalapenos, serranos, devil's tongue and bhut jolokia peppers and a smooth blend of cilantro, tomatillos, sun dried tomatoes, garlic, lime juice and more spices.

Hellfire has a good-sized line up of different hot sauces going across the scale from mild to extreme. Hellfire creates limited artisan sauces that have very detailed ceramic bottles. These bottles are all limited and for collectors. The sauces that come in the custom bottles are usually available in woozy bottles also for your pleasurable consumption. 

I have some more extreme sauces from them and will be using these to make wings for the blog. I am going to have Sophia, (the other Fry of Two Frys) look into baking with Hellfire sauces. Some of the sauces currently available are: Blueberry Hell, Devil's Gold, Fear This (Carolina Reaper Pepper Sauce), Pure Hell and First Blood. This is naming just a few of their hot sauces so visit the website for details on current sauces available for purchase. Hellfire sells hot sauces, cool t-shirts, and collectible shot glasses you can order. Recommended quality and taste!

Be sure to visit the Hellfire Hot Sauce booth at the NYC Hot Sauce Expo 2014. Pick up some devilishly hot sauces for your pantry. This company is from Wisconsin, USA. Stop by Hellfire's booth and show them some NYC Chili-head support.

Website: Hellfire Hot Sauces

Facebook: Hellfire Facebook Official

NYC Hot Sauce Expo Website: NYC Hot Sauce Expo

- Allen / Two Frys

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Rogue Hot Sauce Baked Potatoes (High River Sauces)

Rogue Hot Sauce Baked Potatoes w/ Broccoli  (High River Sauces)

We recently made some great broccoli baked potatoes in the oven. These potatoes were enhanced with Rouge Moruga Blood Orange Scorpion Pepper Sauce from High River Sauces. Rouge Hot Sauce is a nice HOT Blend of the following: Moruga Scorpion Peppers, Jolokia Peppers, Red Serrano Peppers, Blood Oranges, Apples, Pears, Apple Cider Vinegar, Brown Sugar, Lime Juice, Garlic and Ginger. Talk about flavor and heat! This sauce is the bomb. Yes, the sauce is HOT due to the Scorpion, Red Serrano and Jolokia Peppers. This is a real flavor burst in a bottle that's also sweet from the Blood Oranges, other fruits, Lime Juice and Ginger. The heat is great and lovers of more extreme hot sauce will be impressed. The fruity flavors seem to really compliment the more extreme heat of the Scorpion Peppers. It takes a lot of hard work to get this kind of extreme sauce right. High River Sauces really did a great job getting it perfected in this sauce.

Preheat your oven to 425 degrees. Make some baked potatoes in the oven  for 45-55 minutes depending on your oven, and then split and butter them. In the still hot buttered potato, add some cheese of your choice. Before the cheese melts, add a generous portion of steamed broccoli over that. Then add a splash of Rouge Hot Sauce over the broccoli. This will really HEAT up your baked potatoes. We also made some pork chops that went amazingly well with this hot sauce as a condiment on the cooked pork.

Extreme and tasty with heat and sweetness, I recommend ROUGE Hot Sauce as a great companion to your pantry. It is good as both a condiment and an additive to your spicy hot dishes. This sauce has really helped heat up my cold New York City winter. I must mention that High River Sauces is also a local sauce to Two Frys Blog. High River is the host of the NYC Hot Sauce Expo. To order High River sauces, please visit their website for further information.  

Meet High River at the NYC Hot Sauce Expo and Crank Up Your Bottle!

Website: High River Sauces

Facebook: High River Facebook Official

Expo Website: NYC Hot Sauce Expo

- Allen / Two Frys

Friday, March 21, 2014

DEFCON Habby Pony Turkey Cheeseburgers

DEFCON "Habby Pony" Turkey Burgers (Horseradish and Habanero)

We recently made some great Turkey Cheeseburgers and needed to kick up the heat. In doing this, I looked no further than our blog pantry to add a healthy and amazing hotness to our burgers. In the pantry, I had a jar of  DEFCON Sauces tasty mild Habby Pony Horseradish. This item was sent to me by DEFCON and I was saving it for just the right occasion. I now am not as interested in regular horseradish as I used to be. I now prefer DEFCON Habby Pony as this item gives a horseradish kick along with a excellent blend of Habanero peppers. Just make your Turkey Burgers and melt the cheese on top. We used our electric skillet as living in NYC we did not have a BBQ Grill available in our place. I do not think grilling on the fire escape is encouraged. When making the buns, toast them in the oven and add your fave condiments as well as the Habby Pony from DEFCON.

I had Mayo, Velveeta Cheese, Shallots, Hamburger Seasoning, and Habby Pony on them. Spread a generous amount of the product on the buns and enjoy. This condiment adds a nice fresh tasting heat to your burgers. The heat is not overkill, and is as listed on label MILD. DEFCON also has a hotter version of the Horseradish called Habby Horse. The Pony is the milder version. Both are available for order on their website. The Horseradishes are made with ALL NATURAL ingredients and are recommended by me and Two Frys. Also see the line of Wing Sauces and try those out. Last time I made a batch of DEFCON wings for a family gathering, the crew could not get enough. Enhance your pantry and fridge with some DEFCON Horseradish and wing sauces today. This is another local company from New Jersey, so please help support local to NYC small businesses and local chili-heads. Please also visit the DEFCON Sauces booth at the NYC Hot Sauce Expo 2014. 

Website: DEFCON Sauces

Facebook: DEFCON Official Facebook

Allen (Two Frys) and John (DEFCON) at the 2013 EXPO

Meet DEFCON: NYC Hot Sauce Expo

Allen/Two Frys

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hellfire Hot Sauce Bottle for The NYC Hot Sauce Expo 2014

Two Frys - Hellfire Hot Sauce prototype bottle to be used for NYC Hot Sauce Expo 2014

This is a large bottle!
SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: This amazing 1 of 1 in the world prototype bottle I (Allen of Two Frys) had recently won in a drawing from Hell Fire Hot Sauce has become the Special Bottle for Hellfire Hot Sauce at this years NYC HOT SAUCE EXPO. I am honored to have won the prototype, and it is now the most unique bottle in my good sized, hot sauce collection. This bottle is a true art form, ceramic skull with crossed peppers in its mouth. I also encourage you foodies and chili-heads to LIKE Hellfire Hot Sauce on Facebook, and visit and bookmark their website. Not only do they make some tasty hot sauces of many varieties, they also make the coolest most unique collectable hot sauce bottles around. Below are the links to the Hellfire Hot Sauce sites, and a few photos of the NYC HOT SAUCE EXPO Bottle prototype #1 of 1, from my personal collection.

Look for the Hellfire Hot Sauce Booth at the NYC Hot Sauce Expo. Pick up some hot
Amazing Craftsmanship
items from the Hellfire Hot Sauce Crew. It will be great to have them this year at the Expo. Stop by the booth and welcome our chili-head friends from Wisconsin. 

Website: Hellfire Hot Sauce

Facebook: Hellfire Hot Sauce Official FB Page

Also Visit, Hellfire Hot Sauce at their booth at the NYC Hot Sauce Expo 2014.

Website: NYC Hot Sauce Expo

- Allen / Two Frys

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Shamrock Cookies

Shamrock Cookies

Shamrock Cookies
Shamrock Cookies
To celebrate St. Patrick's Day tomorrow, I baked a batch of sugar cookies today. I cut the shapes, with my Wilton Shamrock cookie cutter I ordered from Amazon a few weeks ago. The sugar cookie and royal icing recipes are from the great blog, Joy of Baking: The royal icing is 2 recipes, one for borders and piping, and the other for filling the cookies.

Shamrock Cookie

Shamrock Cookies
To obtain two shades of green (one lighter, one darker), I squeezed a few drops at a time of a green Wilton Gel Color. To decorate the cookies,  I used two different Wilton green sanding sugars and white sugar pearls. The royal icing borders and filling were done with my trusty squeeze bottles.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

-Sophia/Two Frys

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Men Pa'w Gourmet Hot Sauce

Men Pa'w Gourmet Hot Sauce
The Orgasmic Hot Sauce

Men Pa'w Gourmet Hot Sauce is made with various habanero pepper strains, scotch bonnet peppers, cayenne peppers, olive oil blend, vinegar, soul spice and other smooth tasting spices. This tasty and delicious hot sauce has no fillers, and is produced in small batches. I think Men Pa'w is a great sauce for adding orgasmic flair to your homemade dishes that need a nice flavorful kick. I tested this sauce both straight and also on black beans and rice. The taste filled my mouth and I really like the different flavors this hot sauce brings. The bottle I have is called "regular" but it is still packing some really great heat.

Eating this sauce adds a unique, almost smokey flavor to your foods. I think the sauce is great for meat dishes like steak, shrimp and chicken. I do get some flavors that no other hot sauces I have had. Perhaps it is the soul spice seasoning. I almost think I tasted a smokey sherry like flavor. This heat is good enough to linger awhile in a pleasent now overburning way. This heat is good enough to satisfy us chili-heads that love a flavorful hot sauce.

Men P'aw is based in Miami, Florida where the weather is as hot as this sauce.
The company is run by the outgoing chili-head and founder, Carline Phanor. We communicated around the time of last years NYC hot sauce expo and she sent me a woozy bottle to enjoy. This bottle has opened my eyes to a more unique hot sauce that has flavors I normally do not get from hot sauces. The sauce is not like Louisiana style sauces that are heavy on the vinegar side. Men P'aw is a more hearty and thicker than most hot sauces. It has a nice consistency and is not runny, but good and thick. Just note, there are different kinds of Men Pa'w and visit the website for different varieties. I have the "regular" but there are other kinds like "reserve special."

Men Pa'w has awesome customer service and can answer your questions about what is available and perhaps which one you would like. I know this from experience.

I am going to try this sauce on my shish kabobs in the future as this would be a great addition to the vegetables and London broil steak I use. I already see a winner in the making with this idea.With all the hot sauces out there, I recommend this sauce as a great condiment as well as a addition to your recipes. I now have another new favorite sauce for adding to my dishes and foodie concoctions. Pick up some Men P'aw for your next orgasmic dish.

For further information about Men Pa'w and to order, please visit:
Website: Men Pa'w Gourmet Hot Sauce
Facebook: Men Pa'w Official Facebook Page

-Allen/Two Frys

Thursday, March 13, 2014

NYC Hot Sauce Company

NYC Hot Sauce

NYC Hot Sauce
NYC Hot Sauce (8 oz. squeeze bottle) is one of my local faves, and also one of the local sauces actually made here in the city. This sauce is not outsourced, and the ingredients and production are done locally in NYC. This is my recent favorite, table style hot sauce. By table style I mean, a sauce that's good all around to add some great heat and flavors to all kinds of foods. I have done a real test of this sauce going through a few bottles recently. I have found NYC Hot Sauce to be good on everything, and a real star when used on Mexican and Asian foods. I recommend you try this in spaghetti, and add some when you simmer your sauce to give it a nice pepper boost. I found this sauce to be a savior of leftovers or takeout, adding a kick to something that may sometimes be mediocre.

This sauce will not last long for you chili-heads and foodies, and I suggest ordering more than one bottle at a time. Both of us at Two Frys blog love this sauce, as do my friends locally that were given the taste test. The habanero heat is hot but will not knock you out. The heat lingers slightly and is not overpowering. As a table sauce this is not a novelty sauce made to burn you up. This sauce is perfect as a food condiment to accent your foods and home cooking. There are no preservatives in this hot sauce I must mention also.

NYC Hot Sauce recipe is a blending of habaneros, onions, carrots, garlic, celery, bell peppers, lime juice, salt and vinegar. The peppers and flavors from the other ingredients are more pronounced than the vinegar flavors. This sauce features a nice hot Habanero flavor as bold as the city it comes from, New York City. Get your hot sauce today online with free USA shipping. Free shipping is hard to come by these days for hot sauces as you may know.

NYC Hot Sauce
The habaneros are all grown locally on a rooftop farm in Brooklyn, NY. Then the sauce is brewed up in Queens at a commercial kitchen. All ingredients are locally sourced, and NYC Hot Sauce from Belcastro's Specialty Foods Inc. promotes local farming and healthy eating. You cannot get more local than that. 

I encourage our blog readers, foodie fans, fellow pepper growers and my chili-head friends to add NYC Hot Sauce on Facebook, and to order and try it. NYC Hot Sauce is highly recommended by me Allen and Two Frys Blog.

For further information about NYC Hot Sauce and to order, please visit:
Website: NYC Hot Sauce Company 
Facebook: NYC Hot Sauce Co. Official

Allen/Two Frys