Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Slap You Silly - (User Friendly) Habanero Hot Sauce

Slap You Silly - (User Friendly) Habanero Hot Sauce

Wings I baked with Slap You Silly
Made by Bill "The Big Pepper" White, this spicy medium heat hot sauce is great for flavor seeking pepper sauce lovers. Not too high in heat but very big on flavors. I tried this sauce on Burritos, Rice and Beans, Spaghetti, Eggs with Hash-browns and steamed vegetables. The flavor profile surely comes from the ingredients in this fresh tasting hot sauce. Some of the great goodies cooked up in this sauce include Habaneros, Red Bell Peppers, Carrots, Onions, Lime Juice, Spices and More. This is a really nice sauce that is definitely user friendly and even my wife loved it. I also made some oven baked chicken wings that came out very tasty. This small company is based in St. Charles, IL and also have more extreme sauces we tried like the Sofa King Hot Sauce. 

We tested out Sofa King with our Nephew. He as well as us really liked it. We had tried it on Brazilian Rice and Beans. Take it from me Slap You Silly has some really cool (hot) items. More upcoming on Sofa King also.

Getting ready to top my pasta with Slap You Silly!
For folks that cannot handle extreme heat start with their User Friendly Habanero and work your way up. Make sure to order more than one bottle as we went through two bottles in no time due to the wonderful flavors.

Website: Slap You Silly

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