Saturday, September 12, 2015

Mikey V's Salsa Zing Hot Sauce

Mikey V's Salsa Zing Hot Sauce

Chicken Wings with Mikey V's Salsa Original Zing
Texas based, Mikey V's Salsa Original Zing is a wonderful tasting sweet hot sauce. Zing is a great sauce to use in cooking as well as a topping/condiment. Sophia and I were impressed with the sweet, yet savory flavor combination. It is not extreme hot, yet this sauce has a nice kick to it. We cooked chicken wings and chicken breasts with Zing. My wife cooked chicken breasts one night and a week later, I baked chicken wings. Both chicken dishes were amazing, and the sweetness and peppers in Zing went great on Chinese food I had recently.

Chicken Breast with Mikey V's Salsa Original Zing and peppers and onions with ginger rice and steamed broccoli
For those seeking more heat and a bigger hot punch, try Mikey V's Ghost. We received a bottle of this hot sauce and the ingredients are the same except for the addition of ghost pepper powder. The ghost pepper powder brought the heat level way up and the taste lingers for a minute or two. The Zing Hot Sauce has a blend of red peppers, sugar, salt, garlic, water, and of course vinegar. The colorful pepper pieces add a pleasant color to your foods.

Closeup of chicken wings with Zing
Mikey V's has a great lineup of sauces and salsas. I am hoping to meet Mikey V's at a hot sauce event in the near future. Mikey V's is a proud member of the "Go Texan" seal of products made exclusively in Texas by Texans. I recommend both the Zing and its hotter sibling, the Ghost. Both sauces are all natural and great tasting hot sauces.

Real closeup pic of chicken wings with Zing
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Friday, September 11, 2015

Al's Skillet Zucchini

Al's Skillet Zucchini

Al's Skillet Zucchini
This is a very simple zucchini side dish to serve with your favorite protein, rice and/or salad, and takes about 5 minutes prep time and no more than 8 minutes to cook. The butter gives the zucchini squash a great silky taste, and the Chupacabra Rub adds just the right amount of spice to brighten the natural zucchini flavor. See the link below to read more about Chupacabra Rub. We love it and use it on veggie and meat dishes all the time.

1 Zucchini

2 tablespoons Butter

2-3 teaspoons Chupacabra Rub or
Kosher Salt and Cracked Black Pepper

Slice zucchini fairly thin.

Season with Chupacabra Rub or Kosher Salt and Cracked Black Pepper.

Melt butter in skillet on medium heat.

Add seasoned zucchini to hot bubbly butter.

Yummy zucchini
Cook until tender (approximately 6-8 minutes), flipping half way for even cooking. Cook times vary from stove to stove, so make sure it does not overcook.

Please note: the thinner you slice the zucchini, the quicker it will cook so be mindful of this.

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