Monday, May 29, 2017

Flag Pie

Flag Pie

Flag Pie with blueberry and cherry pie filling
Ingredients and stuff needed to make this pie
Here is a Flag Pie I baked today in honor of Memorial Day! The ingredients are all store bought and the most amount of time needed for the recipe is for cutting out the stars and strips to place over the filling. I came across the tutorial on Pinterest from the blog, An Extraordinary Day. Happy Memorial Day!

Pillsbury Refrigerated Pie Crust or your favorite Pie Crust recipe

1 Can of Cherry Pie Filling

1 Can of Blueberry Pie Filling

Star cut on index card from star template
Star over the dough to make shapes

Heat oven to 425 degrees.

Take one half of your packaged or homemade pie crust and place in pie pan.

With the remaining pie crust cut out 1-inch stars and 6 strips. See link below for detailed tutorial.

My star cutter was huge so I cut out a star template using an index card and pressed it into the dough and used a craft knife to cut around it until I had 8 of them; set aside.

Cut out stars
Cut out strips, made an extra strip just in case
For the strips, cut 6 with a pizza cutter or knife and use a ruler as a guide so they are around one inch high and long enough to reach the side of the pan; set aside.

Make a dam/divider with aluminum foil. Fold over until it is around 3 inches high. Then fold it in half and make a sharp crease in the center.

Open the dam/divider to a 90 degree angle, and press it firmly into your pie plate.

Dam/divider in place with blueberry filling
Added cherry pie filling
Spoon in the blueberry filling using less than half of the can.

Spoon in the entire can of cherry filling against the foil divider.

Once the cherry is in place lift the foil divider.

You will have a division of blueberries and cherries.

Removed the dam/divider
Add one pastry strip at the bottom of the blue filling to create a straight line.

For the stripes adjacent to the blueberry filling, place at the dividing edge of the red and blue pie filling and place over the cherry pie filling.

Trim and press the edge of the strip on the pie crust edge.

Strips added to make the stripes
Stars added, just need to crimp edges and bake

Repeat until you have all 6 strips.

Add stars one by one over the blueberry filling.

Fold and crimp the pie crust with your fingers.

Bake for 30-35 minutes.

After 15 minutes cover the edges with a pie shield or with strips of aluminum foil.

For the Easy to Make Stars and Stripes American Flag Pie Tutorial, visit An Extraordinary Day:


-Sophia/Two Frys

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