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NYC Hot Sauce Expo 5th Annual 2017 Part 3

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NYC Hot Sauce Expo 5th Annual 2017 Part 3
Brooklyn Expo Center
Brooklyn, New York
April 22, 2017 - April 23, 2017

Hellfire Hot Sauce
It was great to see my friends Merle ad Diana of Hellfire Hot Sauce this year. I stocked up on some of their great sauces to cover on Two Frys and purchased 4 items: Hellfire Private Reserve MMXVI Hot Sauce, The Chilimaster's Private Reserve Bourbon Infused Chipotle Hot Sauce, Pure Hell Hot Sauce, and Zombie Snot Hot Sauce. There is always a great and impressive set up at their booth. They are the kings of hot sauce swag from stickers, hats, t-shirts to the extensive product line. I have been following Hellfire for 4 years and they offer heat levels from mild to extremely hot sauces. Most of the sauces I picked up were new to me and sauces we have not previously covered but will in the near future. They are great people with amazing products such as: Blueberry Hell with Carolina Reaper, The Elixir, First Blood, Devil's Gold, Fear This! (Reaper Sauce). Hellfire also carry fine rubs in Spicy, Extra Spicy, Ghost, Scorpion, and Reaper. Hellfire Hot Sauces are recommended for lovers of extreme heat products and also hot sauce limited collectibles, which are veritable works of art.

Hellfire Hot Sauce receiving their 1st Place trophy for Gourmet Green Sauce
Hellfire's booth always stands out with great decor
Hellfire Hot Sauce has unique limited edition art bottles
Hellfire's Zombie Snot Hot Sauce, Allen "picked" one up for the blog
First Blood Hot Sauce from Hellfire Hot Sauces

Diana Marieta Creations
I love the jewelry of Diana Marieta Creations and there was a diverse selection of her handmade goods. Diana's designs are lovely and inspired by her faith and fantasy art. I purchased a ring and a pair of earrings, and will order more from her. She sold out of her angel wings rings by the time I reached her table but I am happy she will be making more so I can order online. Diana was right alongside her husband, Merle of the infamous Hellfire Hot Sauce (see above). To reach Diana, please find her on Facebook: DianaMarietaCreations and "Like" her page.

Diana Marieta working her booth
Sophia/Two Frys shopping at Diana's booth for custom jewelry
Diana has a great selection of her creations
Sophia/Two Frys purchased these unique items from Diana's booth

Jersey Barnfire Hot Sauce
It was great seeing my buds from New Jersey, John Sauchelli and Austin D'Almeida and their ever-growing lineup of products. I have cooked with and blogged about several of their sauces over the past two years. One of my favorites is the Black Garlic Hot Sauce. I also must recommend the Jersey Barnfire Original Hot Sauce, which is a sauce for pretty much everyone as it is not too hot, but packed with flavor and just the right amount of heat. This year, Jersey Barnfire had the new Garden State Green Sauce, and it won an award. I will order this from them soon to cook with and cover this summer on Two Frys. Also, try the Ghost Taco Sauce as it will add a kick to your tacos and Mexican food, and perhaps will make your lips tingle as it did to me. I really love the Smoked Ghost Taco Sauce and do recommend all sauces and products they make. Jersey Barnfire also makes some extreme items not for the heat intolerant. Some of their other hot sauces are: Garlic, Roasted Peach Habanero, Strawberry Scorpion, Ginger, Apple & Spice, 7-Pot Primo Salt Grinder and Murder by Primo. These guys are making products that keep getting better and better.

John of Jersey Barn Fire Hot Sauces
Jersey Barnfire goods at their booth; great stuff and a growing lineup
Jersey Barnfire 7 Pot Primo Salt Grinder; Hot Stuff!

Tom's Roid Rippin' Sauces
I stopped by and briefly saw my friend Tom Slosser of Tom's Roid Rippin' Sauces. Tom makes some outrageously named, but great hot sauces that will heat up your foods from Sweet Mesquite BBQ Sauce to Ouch, My Roids Habanero Sauce. Tom offers the extreme Crimson Reaper Pepper Sauce that is really hot. The hot sauce line comes in various heat levels from the Roid Rippin' lineup. Be sure to try the tasty, Hermey's Revenge and the very flavorful and bold tasting, Tapestry Sauce. Tom's sauces are guaranteed to as Tom says, "Let One Rip". Tom is a great guy who produces some top notch sauces.

Tom of Tom's Roid Rippin' Hot Sauces manning his booth
Tom's Roid Rippin' products and awards; great guy with tasty hot sauces
Purple Pam Hot Sauce
NYC's own Purple Pam vocalist of Purple Pam & The Flesh Eaters - a blues, hard rock and metal band is also owner of Purple Pam Hot Sauce. Habanero/Jalapeno based Kiss of Death won two years in a row a Screaming MiMi Award. At the Expo was the debut of Toxie's Elixir Hot Sauce, a blend of Ghost, Serrano and Jalapeno Peppers. As the name implies, it is a green sauce and was quite a hit at the Expo. It was great meeting Pam and we look forward to covering her on Two Frys in the future.

Purple Pam and her hot sauces
Purple Pam at her booth preparing samples for the Expo patrons

Tamerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary
From Montague, NJ Tamerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary has 40 acres and rescues and rehabilitates almost 200 animals ranging from goats, chickens, cows, ducks, geese, pigs and sheep. Tamerlaine offer humane tours daily and for those of us without a car are accessible via mass transit. 100% of the proceeds from their amazing hot sauce product line go to the farm sanctuary. The sauces are cruelty free, organic and vegan. Currently, there are 3 hot sauces: Rudy's Hot Smoked Red made with Fresno peppers. There is the Jalapeno and Tomatillo pepper blend, Casey's Hot Super Green and Artie's Hot Bourbon featuring Fresno peppers. These sauces are a great addition to any Chileheads collection and go to a great cause. It is a win win, so buy some!

Tamerlaine Farm Hot Sauce and seasoning
Tamerlaine Farm booth and staff
More Random 2017 Expo Vendors Pictures
Even some more shots we got of vendors this year...

Angry Goat Pepper Maple Habanero Mustard
Angry Goat Pepper more products
Whitehouse Station Sauce Company from NJ.
Maya Mike Hot Sauce
Bonfatto's Artisan Sauces & Products
We spoke to our long time friend David Letterman of Bonfatto's Artisan Sauces & Products and checked out their stand up and diverse line of great BBQ and Marinade Sauces such as the Original Wing Sauce, Fire in the Hole Wing Sauce, Apple Pepper Jack Artisan Sauce, and one of our faves Hawaiian BBQ Artisan Sauce. Bonfatto's makes sauces that will add bold and rich flavors to your favorite foods and BBQs. I also love Apocalips Sweet Habanero Hot Sauce and man this stuff is hot, hot, hot.

Bonfatto's David Letterman (Left) and Staffer slinging sauce
Bonfatto's Wing, BBQ and Hot Sauces
Bonfatto's Dragon decor holding Bonfatto's Wing Sauce

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