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Goss Hot Sauce Colon Plow

Goss Hot Sauce
Colon Plow

Homemade Two Frys Burrito Bowls topped with Goss Hot Sauce
Colon Plow by Goss Hot Sauce is a very tasty sauce made by Rodney Goss. Goss Hot Sauce is based in Sullivan, IL. Rodney Goss is the Owner, Head Cook, and Taste Tester at Goss Headquarters. Rodney is a guy with a great love of the outdoors and he loves to cook. He created Goss Hot Sauce to add to the dishes he makes for family and friends. After years of experimenting, Rodney got his recipe just right.

Goss Colon Plow Hot Sauce is good and hearty
I really enjoy this product as it has both sweetness and a heat this is very satisfying. I have tried it on many things I have made here in The Two Frys kitchen. Pictured in this article are homemade Burrito Bowls we have often. I chose to top the Burrito Bowls with Colon Plow. This pairing worked well with the beef, tomatoes, lettuce, refried beans, sour cream and tortillas used in our Burrito Bowls. The topping added a sweet heat to the dish. Also, we used the sauce as a dip for our accompanying nacho chips. Other foods I have had Colon Plow on were breakfast burritos, chicken fingers, breaded baked fish, and on pork chops.

Goss Hot Sauce
The smooth flavors of Goss Hot Sauce come from the blending of Jalapenos, Red Bell Peppers, Habanero Peppers, Carrots, Cayenne Pepper, Garlic, Cider Vinegar, and Sweet Light Corn Syrup. The syrup has vanilla in it that adds to the flavor profile. The sauce is thick like a salsa and very hearty. In the near future Goss is coming out with a BBQ Sauce. We will be sure to have an article on this upcoming new product when it is released. I can definitely recommend Goss Colon Plow Hot Sauce to our readers. We are very pleased with the heat that is not overpowering yet spicy enough to please our fellow Chiliheads.

Nice texture 

Goss with Burrito Bowls and Nachos on the side, Sweet 5 Star Heat!
Get some today for your BBQ and dipping needs. The product comes in 17 oz. jars and order more than one as it will go fast. Looking forward to the upcoming product(s) from Goss this year. Find Goss on both their website and on Facebook, sweet sauce with heat, Enjoy!


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-Allen/Two Frys

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