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NYC Hot Sauce Expo 5th Annual 2017 Part 2

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NYC Hot Sauce Expo 5th Annual 2017 Part 2
Brooklyn Expo Center
Brooklyn, New York
April 22, 2017 - April 23, 2017

Cobra Chilli
Cobra Chilli came to the Expo all the way from Australia to showcase some of the product line ranging from wing sauces, hot sauces, curry and chutneys. Highlights are: Wing Sauce I Believe I Can Fly, Reaper Magic Sauce, Pepper Sauces-Hop Tart, Limon, Reaper, Jalapeno, Habanero, Congo B, and Chilli Sauces-Jalapeno, Torrid Affair, Tropical Zing, and Summer Sizzle, and the super hot Carolina Reaper Chilli Mash. They carry a great branded line of products that are brimming with terrific flavor from the samples I tested. I really like the taller hot sauce bottles, and the product labels have a great look. I enjoyed speaking to Cobra Chilli and they have products available on the U.S. version of the website that ship in the U.S.A.

Allen Two Frys with Cobra Chilli Staffer from Queensland, AU.
Cobra Chilli booth a haven of heat; great sauces
Gemini Crow Sauce Company
We always look forward to seeing Dov Teta from Gemini Crow and are big fans of his products. Gemini Crow Hot Sauces are top-notch quality hot sauces from a great guy. The hot sauce line features Burn, Blackberry Belle, The Devil His Due, Jack The Reaper, Salvation, Damnation, Primo Diablo Hot Sauce with Primo Peppers (7 Pot Primo, Big Black Mama, Big Green Mama, Big Red Mama, Big Caramel Mama) so if you like HOT this sauce is for you. Gemini Crow also offer Geminiah's Fiery Catsup made with Datil pepper, and Reapercussions Himalayam Reaper Hot Salt and De La Salt Scotch Bonnet Tropical Spicy Salt.

Gemini Crow owner Dov Teta and Allen Two Frys
Gemini Crow Expo booth 2017; great setup
Gemini Crow awesome new labels; great branding A+

High River Sauces
We stopped by the High River Sauces booth and we both purchased the 2017 Expo t-shirt with the awesome design of the artwork theme from the Expo posters and flyers of the Statue of Liberty blowing hot sauce from her mouth. High River was one of the first companies I mail ordered from over 5 years ago. I really love the sauces created by Steve Seabury and Chris Caffery. They have quite an impressive lineup of very hot, hot sauces. We are big fans of their hot sauces: Hellacious, Tears of the Sun, Rogue, Grapes of Wrath, and Foo Foo Mama Choo. From the NY area, High River creates rockin' sauces by some rockin' guys. We also would like to thank High River for being a Two Frys Blog supporter for many years now.

High River Sauces booth
High River Sauces staffers selling awesome sauces and merch for the Expo
High River Sauces - Chef Chris Santos of "Chopped" Rattler BBQ Sauce
It was great to see my friend Chip Hearn "The King of Wings" and owner of the famous It was also great to briefly speak to Rachel Johnson, Manager of and some of the other staff members. The Peppers booth was jam packed. Chip informed me this year he brought some sauce makers from various companies to do tastings for the crowd, such as: So Cal Sauces who have some great flavorful sauces I can recommend, and purchased So Cal Guac Sauce Original Avocado. Also at the Peppers booth were Tatanka Sauce from Delaware, New Jersey based WuJu Sauce, and from Ohio Clamlube Hot Sauce. sells thousands of products online and in their store. They have everything your Chilehead heart desires with all heat levels so be sure to visit them.

Chip Hearn (Hot Sauce Hall of Fame, and Allen Two Frys Official NYC EXPO Hot Sauce for the 2017 Expo; I bought one
Really great stuff at the booth; always a great selection Expo booth is always a lot of fun Blue Crab Salsa is one of Allen's Favorites booth - SoCal Hot Sauce and Gator Hammock Sauces; A+
Clamlube Hot Sauce at the booth
Tatanka Sauce at the booth
Bigfat's Hot Sauce
It is always fun to speak to my friend Jeremy from Big Fat's. They have been coming to the NYC Hot Sauce Expo for years, and vending their nicely blended lineup of mild to hot products, such as Bazaar Magic Harissa Style Hot Sauce, 3o8 Garlic Ginger Hot Sauce, 6o8 Pineapple Habanero Hot Sauce, 7o8 Optimus Primo Hot Sauce and Green Verde Style Hot Sauce. All the sauces I have tasted over the years are full of great flavor and different heat levels to satisfy your taste buds.

Jeremy of Big Fat's loading up the booth
Big Fat's Hot Sauce Booth;  lots of unique flavors to choose from

Ghost Scream Hot Sauce
It was great seeing the Ghost Scream owners Matthew and Deandra Sisson from Southern California, second year in a row vendor at the Expo. Be sure to try Ghost Scream Original Hot Sauce, and Curry Hot Sauce, Chili Garlic Jam and Chili Garlic Paste. I have tried 2 of the 4 and loved them.

Ghost Scream Hot Sauce invades NYC again this year

Heartbreaking Dawns
We briefly caught up with Chef Johnny McLaughlin of Heartbreaking Dawns, and are huge fans of his flavorful and "hot" hot sauce product line. I am also a huge fan of the original three Heartbreaking Dawns Hot Sauces: Classic Gold, Mango Habanero and Jalapeno Pineapple, as well as a fan of Heartbreaking Dawns Reaper Pepper Sauce, Fervor. Johnny has created a great line of sauces and rubs from mild to very extreme heat levels. This year, Heartbreaking Dawns had two new sauces for sale at the Expo: Papa Boi and Riff Lord. I can recommend these sauces because Johnny has a knack for combining peppers with veggies or fruits to make the most flavorful sauces out there. Heartbreaking Dawns has been a great supporter of our blog over the past 5 years, and are definitely one of our favorite artisan hot sauce companies. I will get a hold of the two new sauces soon to cook with and cover both on the blog.

Heartbreaking Dawns booth; one of our all time faves
Sampling Sauces at Heartbreaking Dawns booth
Heartbreaking Dawns new sauces on left Papa Boi and Riff Lord
Random 2017 Expo Vendors Pictures
Some more shots we got of vendors this year...

Scotty O' Hotty - Beer Bacon Chipotle Hot Sauce

Big Daddy's Hot Sauces
Big Daddy's Hot Sauces display at booth
Blair's Death Sauces, Hot stuff indeed
Gator Hammock Hot Sauces
Queen Majesty Hot Sauce
The Queen Majesty Hot Sauce booth was very busy and we have been fans of their sauce creations for several years. Erica and Queen Majesty Hot Sauce are based in Brooklyn, NY and their 3 products are amazing. The ingredients are organic and sourced locally as much as possible, and 100% vegan, gluten free, with no sugar or unnatural preservatives. One of our favorites is the Jalapeno Tequila & Lime Hot Sauce. The 2 other great sauces are Scotch Bonnet & Ginger Hot Sauce and Red Habanero & Black Coffee Hot Sauce. This here is a great NY company with quality products for all Chiliheads to enjoy!

Erica of Queen Majesty slinging sauce to patrons
Fantastic Sauces by Queen Majesty
Queen Majesty Expo tastings
Lucky Dog Hot Sauce
From Hayward, CA Lucky Dog Hot Sauce make fantastic sauces that I have been a fan of for many years. The new larger bottles with new label design show a true sense of professional branding. When I am in Northern California, I always go to the grocery store and stock up on Lucky Dog Hot Sauces to bring back home. Sauce master Scott Zalkind makes a great spicy line of hot sauces with heat levels ranging from mild to hot. Lucky Dog offers exceptional products and it was great to see Scott at the Expo in NYC again. Sophia purchased a really cool t-shirt from them.

Lucky Dog impressive lineup with sleek new bottle style
Scott of Lucky Dog treating patrons to samples of his great sauces
Lucky Dog merchandise; great shirts with beautiful artwork
Little Bird Curious Confections
Owned by Corey and Sara Meyer, Long Island, NY based Little Bird Curious Confections offer a diverse line of products. If you love Jalapenos, you should try their confections. There is the Fire Powder made from finely ground candied Jalapenos and the sweet simple syrup Fire Syrup, flavored with Jalapenos. Little Bird also offer Fire Bites covered candied Jalapenos in Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate or White Chocolate, and Dark Chocolate Fire Bark with crushed candied Jalapenos.

Little Bird booth at Expo 2017
Little Bird Fire Bites
Baron's International Kitchen
I missed Therese Baron owner extraordinaire the few times I stopped at her table. The staff was very busy and that is a good thing. Many people were trying out samples and buying products. From the Hudson Valley, NY Baron's International Kitchen offer high quality products that taste amazing. Therese recently updated all the labels on the products and they look beautiful. I love the fresh and rich flavors that go into the product line. You can tell from tasting any of them, how much thought goes into the recipes she creates, and ingredients are locally sourced and from farms whenever possible. There is the award winning Caribbean Marinade & Grilling Sauce in (HOT) and (MILD) inspired from a family recipe from Antigua which is superb and full of flavor with the perfect amount of heat. Baron's also offer a Habanero based Caribbean Hot Sauce that is amazing, and the Portughese Repolho Relish was devoured by us and is a sure favorite. Baron's International Kitchen offer products worth adding to your pantry and adding as a condiment or cooking with your favorite foods.

Baron's International Kitchen
Baron's International Kitchen has awesome labels and great products

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