Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Blackberry Belle By Gemini Crow

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Blackberry Belle
Gemini Crow Sauce Co.

Gemini Crow is run by Dov Teta and is based in Montague, NJ. This local company has a nice lineup of sauces, extreme salt, and a Limited Exclusive at this years hot sauce expo. The limited sauce is called Death By Primo Hot Marinara Sauce. This sauce should be great to try out at the expo I am looking forward to it. This review is for Gemini Crow Blackberry Belle All Natural Hot Sauce. Blackberry Belle is a unique Blackberry Habanero Hot Sauce. This Blackberry fruit based hot sauce is truly a treat for your taste-buds. 

Two Frys Sweet and HOT wings with Blackberry Belle
The combination of Blackberries and Raisins make a great base for this very hot Habanero sauce. More of the all natural ingredients in Blackberry Belle include Vinegar, Sugar, Blackberry Extract and Sea Salt. This sauce is a great addition to your cooking to add a sweet yet hot heat to your foods. Blackberry Belle is dual use as both a condiment and an additive to your home cooked dishes and BBQ. The Sauce is great on pork chops and also superb on chicken wings which is my personal fave to make with the sauce. 

Sweet, Hot and Tasty great on Chicken Wings, Blackberry Belle
Blackberry Belle adds a real kick to your chicken wings so just baste wings well with Blackberry Belle before baking them, and then have a dipping bowl on the side for even more of a kick. The sauce holds up well on both chicken and pork in the oven. 

Dov of Gemini Crow and Allen Two Frys at Expo 2015 NYC
Last year, I was able to interview Dov Teta as a vendor for last years 2015 Expo. This interview is on the blog here at Two Frys. I have had the pleasure of speaking to Dov at the 2 past NYC Hot Sauce Expos and am looking forward to seeing him again this year. Gemini Crow sauces come recommended by me Allen at Two Frys. Make sure to get some Blackberry Belle as it's definitely the "Belle of the Ball". 

2016 NYC Hot Sauce Expo Exclusive, Death By Primo
Web Gemini Crow Sauce Co.: geminicrow.com
Gemini Crow Interview: Two Frys

NYC Hot Sauce Expo 2016: nychotsauceexpo.com 

- Allen/Two Frys

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