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Angry Irishman Hot Sauce

Angry Irishman Hot Sauce

Angry Irishman from Woodville, OH offers an award winning tomato base, smoky flavor hot sauce. The proprietor of Angry Irishman is Kevin Mackey who has been making the sauce since 1996. Kevin started in Florida and then moved back to Ohio and continued his passion of making his hot sauce. Angry Irishman is a really, “hot” hot sauce. The heat level is from the Habanero peppers in the sauce. Angry Irishman also includes JalapeƱo peppers. The hot blend of the tomatoes and peppers enhanced with spices, dehydrated onions, garlic powder, vinegar and water is a great combination.

Angry Irishman with a Two Frys Avacado and Tomato Scramble
This is what I call a great pub sauce to add to restaurant and bar foods like wings, chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, fried zucchini, and the like. Angry Irishman is a great sauce for home use as well. This is a true hot sauce, and puts the “hot” in sauce. Try using some in your homemade chili and in your ground beef when making taco meat. The hot heat is not for the heat intolerant. I found Angry Irishman to have a nice smoky flavor followed by a tolerable hot burn.

Angry Irishman with Brunch, Great Label and Branding
Angry Irishman does the Toledo Farmers Markets on Saturdays and this year will be at both the Louisiana Hot Sauce Expo and the NYC Hot Sauce Expo. Angry Irishman is healthy and completely natural. The sauce does not contain any artificial colors or preservatives. 

Angry Irishman is a nice and hearty hot sauce
Again, I will mention this sauce is hot and the label says, “Use with caution”. I loved this sauce on eggs, quesadillas, nachos, and even used it to spike spaghetti. I recommend the bold flavor of Angry Irishman for fans of the hot heat. The hot sauce is not too extreme, just hot and tasty.

Angry Irishman Logo Crest

NYC Hot Sauce Expo 2016:

-Allen/Two Frys


  1. Thanks so much for the review Allen! See you in NY!

    Mary Ann Mackey
    Angry Irishman LLC

  2. Mary, It was great too see you both in NYC, Allen


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