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NYC Hot Sauce Company

NYC Hot Sauce

NYC Hot Sauce
NYC Hot Sauce (8 oz. squeeze bottle) is one of my local faves, and also one of the local sauces actually made here in the city. This sauce is not outsourced, and the ingredients and production are done locally in NYC. This is my recent favorite, table style hot sauce. By table style I mean, a sauce that's good all around to add some great heat and flavors to all kinds of foods. I have done a real test of this sauce going through a few bottles recently. I have found NYC Hot Sauce to be good on everything, and a real star when used on Mexican and Asian foods. I recommend you try this in spaghetti, and add some when you simmer your sauce to give it a nice pepper boost. I found this sauce to be a savior of leftovers or takeout, adding a kick to something that may sometimes be mediocre.

This sauce will not last long for you chili-heads and foodies, and I suggest ordering more than one bottle at a time. Both of us at Two Frys blog love this sauce, as do my friends locally that were given the taste test. The habanero heat is hot but will not knock you out. The heat lingers slightly and is not overpowering. As a table sauce this is not a novelty sauce made to burn you up. This sauce is perfect as a food condiment to accent your foods and home cooking. There are no preservatives in this hot sauce I must mention also.

NYC Hot Sauce recipe is a blending of habaneros, onions, carrots, garlic, celery, bell peppers, lime juice, salt and vinegar. The peppers and flavors from the other ingredients are more pronounced than the vinegar flavors. This sauce features a nice hot Habanero flavor as bold as the city it comes from, New York City. Get your hot sauce today online with free USA shipping. Free shipping is hard to come by these days for hot sauces as you may know.

NYC Hot Sauce
The habaneros are all grown locally on a rooftop farm in Brooklyn, NY. Then the sauce is brewed up in Queens at a commercial kitchen. All ingredients are locally sourced, and NYC Hot Sauce from Belcastro's Specialty Foods Inc. promotes local farming and healthy eating. You cannot get more local than that. 

I encourage our blog readers, foodie fans, fellow pepper growers and my chili-head friends to add NYC Hot Sauce on Facebook, and to order and try it. NYC Hot Sauce is highly recommended by me Allen and Two Frys Blog.

For further information about NYC Hot Sauce and to order, please visit:
Website: NYC Hot Sauce Company 
Facebook: NYC Hot Sauce Co. Official

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