Saturday, March 15, 2014

Men Pa'w Gourmet Hot Sauce

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The Orgasmic Hot Sauce

Men Pa'w Gourmet Hot Sauce is made with various habanero pepper strains, scotch bonnet peppers, cayenne peppers, olive oil blend, vinegar, soul spice and other smooth tasting spices. This tasty and delicious hot sauce has no fillers, and is produced in small batches. I think Men Pa'w is a great sauce for adding orgasmic flair to your homemade dishes that need a nice flavorful kick. I tested this sauce both straight and also on black beans and rice. The taste filled my mouth and I really like the different flavors this hot sauce brings. The bottle I have is called "regular" but it is still packing some really great heat.

Eating this sauce adds a unique, almost smokey flavor to your foods. I think the sauce is great for meat dishes like steak, shrimp and chicken. I do get some flavors that no other hot sauces I have had. Perhaps it is the soul spice seasoning. I almost think I tasted a smokey sherry like flavor. This heat is good enough to linger awhile in a pleasent now overburning way. This heat is good enough to satisfy us chili-heads that love a flavorful hot sauce.

Men P'aw is based in Miami, Florida where the weather is as hot as this sauce.
The company is run by the outgoing chili-head and founder, Carline Phanor. We communicated around the time of last years NYC hot sauce expo and she sent me a woozy bottle to enjoy. This bottle has opened my eyes to a more unique hot sauce that has flavors I normally do not get from hot sauces. The sauce is not like Louisiana style sauces that are heavy on the vinegar side. Men P'aw is a more hearty and thicker than most hot sauces. It has a nice consistency and is not runny, but good and thick. Just note, there are different kinds of Men Pa'w and visit the website for different varieties. I have the "regular" but there are other kinds like "reserve special."

Men Pa'w has awesome customer service and can answer your questions about what is available and perhaps which one you would like. I know this from experience.

I am going to try this sauce on my shish kabobs in the future as this would be a great addition to the vegetables and London broil steak I use. I already see a winner in the making with this idea.With all the hot sauces out there, I recommend this sauce as a great condiment as well as a addition to your recipes. I now have another new favorite sauce for adding to my dishes and foodie concoctions. Pick up some Men P'aw for your next orgasmic dish.

For further information about Men Pa'w and to order, please visit:
Website: Men Pa'w Gourmet Hot Sauce
Facebook: Men Pa'w Official Facebook Page

-Allen/Two Frys


  1. I like that idea! " pick up some Men Pa'w for your next orgasmic dish"

  2. Just purchased some the other day on Ebay and this has to be the very best tasting Sauce I have ever tasted. The Flavor is Amazing and just the right amount of heat. Way to Go Men Pa'w the Green Pepper Madness is my favorite