Friday, March 21, 2014

DEFCON Habby Pony Turkey Cheeseburgers

Pin It DEFCON "Habby Pony" Turkey Burgers (Horseradish and Habanero)

We recently made some great Turkey Cheeseburgers and needed to kick up the heat. In doing this, I looked no further than our blog pantry to add a healthy and amazing hotness to our burgers. In the pantry, I had a jar of  DEFCON Sauces tasty mild Habby Pony Horseradish. This item was sent to me by DEFCON and I was saving it for just the right occasion. I now am not as interested in regular horseradish as I used to be. I now prefer DEFCON Habby Pony as this item gives a horseradish kick along with a excellent blend of Habanero peppers. Just make your Turkey Burgers and melt the cheese on top. We used our electric skillet as living in NYC we did not have a BBQ Grill available in our place. I do not think grilling on the fire escape is encouraged. When making the buns, toast them in the oven and add your fave condiments as well as the Habby Pony from DEFCON.

I had Mayo, Velveeta Cheese, Shallots, Hamburger Seasoning, and Habby Pony on them. Spread a generous amount of the product on the buns and enjoy. This condiment adds a nice fresh tasting heat to your burgers. The heat is not overkill, and is as listed on label MILD. DEFCON also has a hotter version of the Horseradish called Habby Horse. The Pony is the milder version. Both are available for order on their website. The Horseradishes are made with ALL NATURAL ingredients and are recommended by me and Two Frys. Also see the line of Wing Sauces and try those out. Last time I made a batch of DEFCON wings for a family gathering, the crew could not get enough. Enhance your pantry and fridge with some DEFCON Horseradish and wing sauces today. This is another local company from New Jersey, so please help support local to NYC small businesses and local chili-heads. Please also visit the DEFCON Sauces booth at the NYC Hot Sauce Expo 2014. 

Website: DEFCON Sauces

Facebook: DEFCON Official Facebook

Allen (Two Frys) and John (DEFCON) at the 2013 EXPO

Meet DEFCON: NYC Hot Sauce Expo

Allen/Two Frys

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