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Hellfire Gourmet Hot Sauce Reserve 2013

Hellfire Gourmet Hot Sauce Reserve 2013

Hellfire Reserve on local NYC Mexican take out.
Hellfire Private Reserve Gourmet Hot Sauce is a mild, tasty multiple pepper hot sauce. The 2013 Reserve is now SOLD OUT. The good news is the Hellfire Private Reserve Gourmet Hot Sauce 2014 will be produced in the next few months this spring. This news came right from the maker of Hellfire himself. The 2013 is like a fine wine, unique and limited in production. I had this on Mexican food and rice dishes as well. I also tried this sauce on beans, both black and red. This sauce is real gung-ho with pepper and flavors. It has an almost sweet and smokey flavor. Try it on steamed vegetables also for a kick.

Hellfire Gourmet Reserve 2013 is a blend of habaneros, jalapenos, serranos, devil's tongue and bhut jolokia peppers and a smooth blend of cilantro, tomatillos, sun dried tomatoes, garlic, lime juice and more spices.

Hellfire has a good-sized line up of different hot sauces going across the scale from mild to extreme. Hellfire creates limited artisan sauces that have very detailed ceramic bottles. These bottles are all limited and for collectors. The sauces that come in the custom bottles are usually available in woozy bottles also for your pleasurable consumption. 

I have some more extreme sauces from them and will be using these to make wings for the blog. I am going to have Sophia, (the other Fry of Two Frys) look into baking with Hellfire sauces. Some of the sauces currently available are: Blueberry Hell, Devil's Gold, Fear This (Carolina Reaper Pepper Sauce), Pure Hell and First Blood. This is naming just a few of their hot sauces so visit the website for details on current sauces available for purchase. Hellfire sells hot sauces, cool t-shirts, and collectible shot glasses you can order. Recommended quality and taste!

Be sure to visit the Hellfire Hot Sauce booth at the NYC Hot Sauce Expo 2014. Pick up some devilishly hot sauces for your pantry. This company is from Wisconsin, USA. Stop by Hellfire's booth and show them some NYC Chili-head support.

Website: Hellfire Hot Sauces

Facebook: Hellfire Facebook Official

NYC Hot Sauce Expo Website: NYC Hot Sauce Expo

- Allen / Two Frys

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