Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ribeye Steak, Spanish Rice And Chipotle Beans

Pin It Ribeye Steak, Vigo Spanish Rice And Chipotle Beans

Ribeye With Onions, Vigo Rice, Chipotle Beans
On Sunday, Allen and me bought a ribeye steak from Dines Farms at the Riverdale Y Market and cooked it earlier this week.

I seasoned the ribeye on both sides with kosher salt and mixed the following spices and rubbed it on:

1 teaspoon Hungarian Paprika

1/2 teaspoon Mexican Oregano

1 teaspoon Cumin

1 tablespoon Ground Chipotle Powder

1 tablespoon Black Pepper

Ribeye Cooking On Foreman Grill
We cooked the ribeye on our Foreman Grill to medium-well and added chopped onions. The ribeye was placed on a cutting board to rest for about 5 minutes.

Ribeye Resting
For the spanish rice, we always use Vigo Spanish Rice and cooked it with stuffed manzanilla olives. Our side dish was chipotle beans that we just heated and served. This was a quick and super yummy dinner.

To contact Dines Farms, please email:

To order Vigo and their products, go to:

-Sophia and Allen/Two Frys

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