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Atlantic City Food And Wine Festival - A Taste Of Caesars

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Atlantic City Food And Wine Festival A Taste of Caesars -  Harrah's Resort

Roberts Irvine and Paula Deen

Entering Harrah's Resort to go to A Taste Of Caesars!
It is great to visit Atlantic City to attend some of the events at the Atlantic City Food And Wine  Festival, and even better when you are invited to a VIP event not open to the public. On Saturday, July 28, 2012 Allen and I went to A Taste of Caesars at Harrah's Resort from 7:00 - 10:00PM in the Third Floor Ballrooms. This event put together by Caesars Entertainment was a three hour dining experience featuring chefs from across the country with celebrity chefs Robert Irvine and Paula Deen as hosts. The point of the event was to showcase tastes and flavors from Atlantic City to Las Vegas and everywhere in between from some of Caesars Entertainment restaurants.

Our lovely table No. 72

Seafood Salad
The seating was assigned and Allen and I dined with 10 other guests. Robert Irvine was energetic and as handsome as ever and did a fantastic job engaging the crowd throughout the evening. Paula Deen was charming and the audience loved her and she posed for pictures with many fans until security put an end to that. I managed to get a few pictures of Paula Deen and Robert Irvine but they moved around so quickly all over the room so getting a great photo was difficult.


Paula Deen's Crab Cake
Unfortunately, a menu was not available so we do not have official names of the dishes served. We were unable to get names of the chefs demoing from the various Caesars Entertainment restaurants. When you arrived to your table there was a lovely basket filled with different types of breads and a seafood salad to pass around family style. Some of the dishes were served this way which was kinda cool. Our servers Cliff and Margaret gave our table top notch service and we thank them for doing a great job.

A Chef With Robert Irvine

Allen Having A Great Time
As a course was served, a chef would demo the food. At one point, Robert Irvine helped servers and brought food directly to some tables at the far left of the ballroom so they could taste what was cooking onstage and not feel left out. While chefs did their demos, hosts Paula and/or Robert would entertain patrons and speak to the chefs onstage. Paula Deen was host for about an hour and Robert Irvine spent most of the evening with the chefs and guests. Even Robert Irvine's wife and wrestler Gail Kim, went onstage for a few minutes as Paula announced their recent wedding to all.


Robert Irvine Having A Taste Of What The Chef Prepared 
I thought the order in which the food was served was spot on and by the end of the night felt satisfied and happy from the food. The first course was a seafood salad followed by romaine salad with finely chopped walnuts, thinly sliced red onions, caesar dressing, cheese and crispy buttered bread. My favorite food of the night was Paula Deen's Crab Cake.

Scallop With Lobster Salad

Steak, Polenta, Roasted Tomato and Veggies
I loved the meatball with the marinara sauce (not gravy, sorry Philly chef), and it had a great taste and was not over seasoned. The next bite was a scallop over a lobster salad and it was fresh tasting and nicely seasoned. The main course was a melt in your mouth steak with crusted polenta, roasted tomato and veggies. The main course was satisfying and Allen and I loved every dish we ate.


Coffee with Dessert, Yum!
The pastry chef from Las Vegas did a demo of the gorgeous dessert. On the left side of the dish, was a fruit based dessert that was refreshing and airy. The chocolate dessert featured hazelnut and chocolate layers, raspberry sauce, fresh raspberries in between, and topped with fine chocolate and edible gold. This chocolate dessert was rich, creamy, and the hazelnut and chocolate complimented the raspberry sauce. The fresh raspberries offered a pop of fresh flavor with each bite and the chocolate with edible gold was a nice touch and the perfect way to end the dinner.

Allen And Me Outside Harrah's Ballrooms
A Taste of Caesars was a lot of fun and the food was exceptional. Having Paula Deen and Robert Irvine as the surprise hosts was a treat. We enjoyed this three hour event and cannot wait for next year.

-Sophia and Allen/Two Frys

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