Friday, August 10, 2012

Paula Deen Hot Sauce

Paula Deen Hot Sauce

Paula Deen Hot Sauce
After hearing Paula Deen on an episode of Next Food Network Star say when she eats spicy food she does not like food to hurt her, I was surprised she had a Hot Sauce line. As Paula Deen claims on her website, the sauce has a good amount of flavor but not much heat. The sauce can be used straight and is still not hot, just flavorful.

Being a fan of hotter sauces I thought, what could I do with this condiment great in flavor yet low in heat? I figured it out by making pulled pork using a generous amount of Paula Deen Hot Sauce as a flavor enhancer with my spices. The pulled pork turned out really good with a little kick but even that was tolerable for the more mild fans of pepper sauces. Also, this hot sauce complimented homemade beans and rice my mother in law made me as she uses no picante in her beans, just bell peppers.

Paula Deen Hot Sauce has good taste and flavor and is for the low mild scale sauce fans, not true heat seekers. The bottle sized at 8.5-oz. I recommend using this hot sauce to flavor up food without "heating" them up. I also used this hot sauce on Paula Deen Cheese Biscuits Mix my wife made earlier this year. I also recently made some nice wings with this sauce.

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