Saturday, August 11, 2012

Heartbreaking Dawns Classic Gold Hot Sauce

Heartbreaking Dawns Classic Gold Hot Sauce

Chicken Wings made with Heartbreaking Dawns Classic Gold Hot Sauce
As with most of the sauces from Heartbreaking Dawns, this one will go fast in a heat lovers pantry. Heartbreaking Dawns Classic Gold Hot Sauce (5-oz.) was named 1st Place Red Sauce at the New Orleans Hot Sauce Show. I had Classic Gold Hot Sauce on my homemade spaghetti and was impressed with the amount of the nice Habanero kick it gave to my wife's homemade pasta sauce. With ingredients like golden habanero peppers, onion, tomato, green bell pepper, carrots and more this sauce is a real winner. The golden habanero peppers are what gives this hot sauce the great kick it delivers.

The expert cooking and combination of ingredients by Chef Johnny and Nicole McLaughlin give it a wonderfully crafted hot and spicy flavor. I also had this on wings, rice and beans, eggs, and a lot more. This sauce compliments many foods and is highly recommended by myself and Two Frys. The Heartbreaking Dawns company originally caught my eye as I was looking for local hot sauce companies in the NY area, and I found in them a real winning sauce company with top shelf sauces.

The above picture features chicken wings we made in a January post with this hot sauce. It was a hit with my wife and I and we loved this hot sauce! As a matter of fact, I used up the entire bottle already so it is time to get some more.

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