Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mexican Chorizo with Rice 'N Black Beans

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Mexican Chorizo with Rice 'N Black Beans

Mexican Chorizo with Black Beans and Rice!
Here's a 20 minute meal that is big on taste and great on your wallet. I used Mexican Chorizo sausages and removed them from the casings. They are fully seasoned so you don't have to add much when you cook them.


1 15 oz. can Goya Black Bean Soup

6 Mexican Chorizo Sausages

1 tablespoon Vegetable Oil

1 tablespoon Tomato Paste

1 large Shallot

2 cloves Garlic

3 teaspoons Kosher Salt (1 teaspoon-Rice, 1 teaspoon-Mexican Chorizo, 1 teaspoon-Beans)

Spice Mixture for Black Beans:
1/8 teaspoon Cilantro Powder

1/8 teaspoon Ground Cumin

1/8 teaspoon Spanish Paprika

1/8 teaspoon Garlic Powder

1/8 teaspoon Onion Powder

1 cup Long Grain White Rice or whatever Rice you prefer



We use a rice cooker for perfect Rice every time.

Just measure according to cups you make, measure Water accordingly.

 Add 1 teaspoon Kosher Salt.

Black Beans

Add Black Beans to pot with seasoning mixture of Kosher Salt, Cilantro Powder, Ground Cumin, Spanish Paprika, Garlic Powder and Onion Powder. Stir until combined.

Cover and heat on low for 10 minutes or until hot.

Mexican Chorizo

Take Mexican Chorizo sausages and remove them from the casings.

Chop Shallot and Garlic.

In a skillet on medium heat, add Vegetable Oil and when hot add Shallots and Mexican Chorizo.

Add Kosher Salt and Tomato Paste and stir until combined.

Use potato masher to crumble meat up how ever large or small you want it. I like it in big chunks.

Cook until brown, about 12-15 minutes.

After 6 minutes add Garlic and blend together.

Drain excess grease in colander line with a paper towel before you serve.

Serve on the side with Rice and Black Beans. It's so delicious.

-Sophia/Two Frys

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