Saturday, February 11, 2012

Chelsea Market continued...

The Lobster Place

The Lobster Place

The Lobster Place
The Lobster Place is a seafood lovers dream come true! While the lobster is the main specialty and yes, they looked lovely you can also choose from a very large selection of caviar, sushi, oysters, clams, scallops, sea urchin, crawfish, alot of fish varieties (mahi mahi, tilapia, ...) and much more. The seating space is small and lined up against the windows and with some seating outside. We waited a few minutes to sit but Allen said it was worth it because he loved the Massachusetts Atlantic Oysters he bought. It was real crowded when we there which is always a good sign. The Lobster Place also sells alot of sauces, spices, asian noodles and other delicacies.

Massachusetts Atlantic Oysters
Allen with his lunch - Massachusetts Atlantic Oysters

Allen about to try the Massachusetts Atlantic Oysters
Jacques Torres Chocolate

Jacques Torres Chocolate
Jacques Torres Chocolate
I had just eaten a Napolean from Ruthy's Bakery & Café but had to check out the lovely selection of chocolates from Mr. Chocolate himself. Jacques Torres Chocolate is known for his fine selection of chocolates worldwide and there was such a nice selection for the quaint space. Allen bought me a white chocolate bar called Barry White, which I indulged in today. The white chocolate bar was silky smooth and rich. I will be back to try the Liquid Caramel and some other delights soon.

Jacques Torres Chocolate
Barry White - White Chocolate, Jacques Torres Chocolate

Sesame Sticks, Corn Nuts, Coconut Chips, Nutbox
I love the Nutbox's hearty selection of nuts, dried fruit, seeds, yogurt pretzels, honey products, coffee beans and more. Allen picked up sesame sticks, corn nuts and coconut chips.

We will feature more of the shops as we continue to visit Chelsea Market. Pay this place a visit if you haven't already. It is a beautiful place with great food, and right in the heart of the meatpacking district.

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-Sophia & Allen/Two Frys

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