Thursday, February 9, 2012

Gumbo & Swamp People Meet 'N Greet @ Chelsea Market

Pin It Gumbo & Swamp People Meet 'N Greet @ Chelsea Market

Left to Right: Troy Landry, Me, Allen, Jacob Landry, Chase Landry
Yesterday, we went to Chelsea Market to check out the Swamp In The City exhibit and to meet the star of Swamp People, Troy Landry and his two sons Jacob and Chase. Chase will be debuting on season three of Swamp People which premieres on the History Channel tonight at 9:00PM (EST). 

Serving up delicious Gumbo
In addition to cool swamp ambience and seeing alligators, there were three kinds of gumbo to taste. The two gumbo servers were very nice and explained what each gumbo dish was. I tried the Mallard Duck and Smoke Venison Sausage Gumbo and this was my favorite. The duck was so tender and juicy and the venison sausage was yummy. I really enjoyed the Fricassée of Swamp Rabbit and Wild Mushrooms. It was my first time trying rabbit and I was pleasantly surprised it did not have a gamey taste. I loved the spices in the gumbo and the earthy taste of the mushrooms. Allen loved these two gumbo delights and thought the Louisiana-Style Crawfish Étouffée was very flavorful and had a little kick of spice in the background. The three gumbo recipes are from Chef John Folse's new cookbook, After The Hunt.

Little Alligator
There was a live alligator cam by the smaller alligators. They are so cute but I was happy they were enclosed in a glass case. Allen and I both waved at the cam but not many people seemed to know about that. I hope someone saw us online. Allen viewed the cam online before we came to the event so we knew to look for it.

1 of the 4 large alligators we saw
It was great meeting alligator hunter Troy Landry and his sons Jacob and Chase. They were all very down to earth, warm, and welcoming. We were very happy we got to speak with Troy for quite a bit. I was impressed by the great interaction they had with their fans.  The "King of the Swamp" and his sons signed alot of autographs and took pictures with fans.  A very cool History Channel employee took a picture for us. When we took our picture with the Landry's, Troy called out "Choot 'em!" Classic. :)

Cool flyer of the event 
Landry was featured on the cover of Louisiana Life Magazine and honored as "Louisianian of the Year" in the Celebrity category. Swamp People is the History Channel's most watched show. You can visit Swamp In The City at Chelsea Market until Sunday, February 12, 2012.  Try the gumbo offerings too.
Mardi Gras Style Beads and Louisiana Fish Fry Products Cajun Seasoning 
Louisiana Travel had a table set up and we entered a contest to win a trip to Louisiana. They gave out mardi gras style beads advertising their tourism site and samples of  Louisiana Fish Fry Products Cajun Seasoning (pictured above).

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-Sophia & Allen/Two Frys

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