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Imperial Apple Barbecue Sauce

Pin It Imperial Apple Barbecue Sauce
By Born To Hula

Imperial Apple Barbecue Sauce with Turkey Burgers
Imperial Apple Barbecue Sauce is a Applewood Smoked Habanero All Natural BBQ Sauce. It has a really great Apple flavor due to its unique ingredient, Berentzen Apple Liqueur imported from Deutschland. This BBQ sauce was first used by us on turkey burgers. We chose turkey due to the initial straight tasting that led us to envision a great pairing with chicken or turkey. The Apple fruit flavors in the BBQ Sauce went well with the turkey burgers and sweet potato fries we made(pictured). We also have had Imperial Apple Barbecue Sauce on chicken strips, pork chops, and mozzarella sticks. All these combos worked very well. As a dipping sauce for both regular and sweet potato fries, the sauce added a nice mild kick and lots of flavor. You should definitely try this sauce on not only your burgers, but your sweet potato fries. This sauce has a nice smooth smokiness in its flavor profile. Imperial Apple Barbecue Sauce offers a nice blend of apple flavors, smokiness, and the medium bite of the Habaneros.

The Imperial Apple Barbecue Sauce is great on burgers
We are big fans of sauces created by Born To Hula, a company that is local to us and based in NJ. Imperial Apple comes reasonably priced and in a 12 oz bottle. In regards to heat, it has medium heat so the whole family can enjoy it. It is also still is a pleaser for heat-seekers, having the medium but enjoyably spicy heat of the Applewood Smoked Habaneros. Some of the other wonderfully chosen ingredients are vine ripened tomatoes, apple cider vinegar, brown sugar, Berentzen apple liqueur, garlic, smoked paprika, onion powder, dried mustard and salt. This is another nicely blended sauce by Chef Ed Bucholtz.

Image from Born To Hula on Facebook
I can with confidence recommend this BBQ sauce to our readers. Why settle for a generic tasting BBQ sauce when you can have one like Imperial Apple Barbecue Sauce By Born To Hula. Items are available on their website, and check them out on Facebook.

Web: Born To Hula

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Get some sauces with flavors that satisfy from Award Winning, Born To Hula.

- Allen/Two Frys

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