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Briggs True Texarribean Rub with Chicken

Briggs True Texarribean Rub with Chicken

Chicken with Bell Peppers and Wild Rice made with Briggs True Seasoning
For this dinner we used Briggs True Texarribean Citrus Pepper Seasoning on Chicken Breast Strips and Sweet Bell Peppers. As advertised, it paired perfectly with both the chicken and the vegetables. The Texarribean Rub can be used as a cooking rub and also as a  seasoning for your home cooked foods. Texarribean has no GMO's and is Gluten Free also. The rub and seasoning profile is a southern style rub with a fusion of zesty Caribbean flavors. The aroma of the rub alone is pleasing, and kicked up the chicken with the end result being extremely satisfying. The chicken ended up with flavors that had a mix of Texas and Trinidad blended together. The taste was not overpowering and we suggest you use a generous amount of the rub on your chicken before cooking it.

Seasoned Chicken Breast Strips cooking rubbed in Texarribean

Some of the ingredients that add to the all around goodness of Texarribean are lemon peel, orange peel, natural lime powder, spices, spice extracts, black pepper, salt, garlic and sugar. When using Texarribean you need not add any other seasonings as this rub has got it all in one jar. The rub is rated by Briggs as 2 out of 5 Peppers on the spice level. That means some people that cannot handle really hot rubs can enjoy this with no problem. Great for fans of TRUE Spices for your meal. More coverage of Briggs products, both sauces and rubs will be upcoming on our blog in the near future. We are very pleased with the 3 rubs we are currently using.

Cooking the Sweet Bell Peppers with Briggs

Briggs not only make Rubs and Sauces, but also have an array of Jellies and Jams. Created by Michael Briggs a self trained chef and foodie, created a great line of rubs, sauces and seasonings. The products are flavorful and make a great addition to your home cooking and grilling.

 Briggs True Texarribean Seasoning

Last year we started cooking with the Texas made by Briggs True Brand, and we are very happy to share our cooking with Briggs adventures with you. All Briggs products are available for mail-order on the company website.

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Get some TRUE Texas on your table today!

- Allen/Two Frys

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