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NYC Hot Sauce Expo 2015 Page 5

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NYC Hot Sauce Expo 2015 Page 5

High River Sauces Presents The 3rd Annual NYC Hot Sauce Expo
April 25 & 26, 2015
Brooklyn Expo - 79 Franklin Street - Brooklyn, NY

Rocky’s Hot Sauce:

It was nice to talk to Becky DeCarlo of Oreland, PA based Rocky's Hot Sauce again this year. Rocky's Hot Sauce has a line of 5 flavor filled sauces. Rocky’s also have another flavor upcoming as mentioned on their website, called ‘Bacon”. Some of the flavors Rocky’s have available are Lime, Garlic, and BBQ. Be sure to check out the Rocky’s Original, which I had before and really liked. Rocky's Hot Sauce has no preservatives and uses all natural ingredients. 

Rocky's Booth

Red Hawk Premium Peppers:

I missed seeing my friend Dan Lowenstein at his booth, but we caught his wife in full effect slinging Red Hawk Sauces. Red Hawk makes great Garlic based hot sauces and are local to us in NYC. It was great too see Red Hawk two years in a row at the NYC Expo. Red Hawk has a nice line of sauces and they are based in Reedsville, PA. 

Red Hawk

Voodoo Chile and Salsas:

Based in Leesbury, VA Voodoo Chile and Salsas had a rocking booth again this year with their wide variety of sauces and toppings. Voodoo makes some amazing sauces and has a line of various Bacon hot sauces I think are the best in the industry. Voodoo, the brainchild of our friend Thom Toth, delivers flavor and extreme heat and has something for everyone. They are also the company that makes some truly flavorful sauces with the Peppadew® peppers. These sauces are full flavor and enhance any dish you could think up. I tell all my friends that Voodoo’s “Porcus Infernum” is the “Best Sauce on the Planet”. I purchase goods online from Voodoo Chile and Salsas and recommend you place an order ASAP. After talking to my friend Thom Toth, I purchased some new items like Xtreme Bacon (A hotter Porcus Infernum) and Bacon Taco. We are fans of the Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Peppers) based sauce they make entitled, Bhuty Thyme. Voodoo makes sauces so well that you could actually order new stuff without even tasting it as rest assured the flavors and/or heat (if applicable) are there. I am often seen at local events sporting Voodoo’s Porcus Infernum t-shirt. Voodoo also makes extreme tinctures for extreme heat seekers. If you want flavor they have it, and if you want extreme they deliver. It was great to see Thom again. “Saucesomness” will always prevail. Ætérnus Sauceworks has been recently launched by Voodoo. We thank Thom for doing an advance vendor interview for this years Expo.

Voodoo Staffers
Voodoo Seasonings and More...
Mr. Thom Toth our friend and Voodoo Chili-master.

High Octane Sauce Co.:

It was great meeting TX based High Octane Sauce Co. crew this year. High Octane won a Screaming Mi Mi Award for Spicy BBQ for their 1100 RPM Sweet & Spicy. We look forward to trying their sauces in the future. 

High Octane Sauce our new friends.
High Octane Booth
Even more sauce and products at the High Octane Booth

Tango Spice Co.:

It was great to see Joe Tango from Tango Spice Co since I have not seen him in awhile. Based in Sound Beach, NY Tango Spice offers a versatile and extensive line of seasonings and rubs for your cooking and BBQ needs. He makes some great rubs for the kitchen, outdoor BBQ's and good on wild game as well.

Tango Spice Co.
Tango Spice, great seasonings and rubs.

Loud Hot Sauce:

It was our first time meeting Ossining, NY based Loud Foods crew at the Expo this year. Loud make a hot sauce called Loud Orange Sunshine Hot Mango Habanero Sauce. This one sauce can be used to make an array of fabulous recipes listed on their website. 

Loud Foods
Loud Orange Sunshine Hot Mango Habanero Sauce

Benny T’s Vesta (Dry Hot Sauce):

Raleigh, NC based Benny T’s Vesta had a cool booth of their spice tasting. Benny T’s Vesta makes a spicy and flavorful Dry Hot Sauce and it was good to see them in NYC. Founded in 2007, Ben Tuorto was inspired to use only fresh chiles in his condiment food topping.

Benny T's Booth
Benny T's Vesta product

Chile Spot:

Chile Spot from Downingtown, PA had an impressive setup showcasing their products. Chile Spot were near the window area which was well lighted from the natural light coming in. Chili Spot has a large line of wonderful Chile goodies from snacks all the way to hot sauces and salsas.

Chile Spot products
Chile Spot Booth lots of sauces

Chelsea Fire:

Chelsea Fire from Chelsea, MA had a cool booth with decorative chili pepper cloth bags for their sauce bottles. This was the first time we saw Chelsea Fire in NYC. The owner’s wife was even modeling the sauce for patrons to photograph. Chelsea Fire’s Wicked Hot Sauce brand was inspired by and named after The Great Chelsea Fires of 1908 and 1973 which nearly devastated a community.

Chelsea Fire Hot Sauce
Chelsea Fire Hot Sauce Staffer and Model

Bronx Greenmarket Hot Sauce:

Bronx Greenmarket Hot Sauce had an outdoor table showcasing their locally Bronx Market sourced pepper sauce. Bronx Greenmarket Hot Sauce is available at some markets locally to us in the Bronx. The green Serrano sauce is sure to eventually become a hot item both locally and afar. They had sauce and t-shirts available, as well as flyers with detailed information about this new product. Go Green and support local companies and order some Bronx Greenmarket Hot Sauce today. Bronx Greenmarket Hot Sauce is a partnership between GrowNYC, Chef King Phojanakong and Small Axe Peppers. 

Bronx Greemarket Hot Sauce's friendly staff
Bronx Greemarket Hot Sauce Booth

Walkerswood Caribbean Foods:

Walkerswood Caribbean Foods had an outdoor booth of their sauce product line in the VIP area next to salad, burgers, and sandwiches. Walkerswood Caribbean Foods had a really awesome staff and topped our burgers with some of their great BBQ sauce. The BBQ sauces were quite flavorful. We took pics of them and they took a picture of Allen too.

Walkerswood Hot Sauces
Walkerswood's has great staffers
Walkerswood  Caribbean Foods

Caleb’s Kola:

This is the greatest soda I tasted in years. It is basic and natural. Allen can highly recommend it as he had 3 samples. Pick some up today locally in NYC Metro. We hope to be able to provide more coverage on Caleb’s Kola in the near future. Caleb’s Soda is refreshing and a great product.

Caleb’s Kola
Caleb’s Kola ingredients 
Caleb’s Kola friendly staffers

We would like to suggest for the future a check in area for jackets and at least some seating for dining. The venue was great, but lacked any seating for Handicapped and Disabled or folks that had way to much hot sauce and needed to sit down.

We would like to extend a special thank you to Steve and Lisa Seabury and everyone from High River Sauces, for putting together another amazing event. We cannot wait for next year! 

For further information on the NYC Hot Sauce Expo and all the vendors’ links, please visit:

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-Allen and Sophia/Two Frys

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