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NYC Hot Sauce Expo 2015 Page 3

Pin It NYC Hot Sauce Expo 2015 Page 3

High River Sauces Presents The 3rd Annual NYC Hot Sauce Expo
April 25 & 26, 2015
Brooklyn Expo - 79 Franklin Street - Brooklyn, NY

Hellfire Hot Sauce:

It was awesome seeing Merle & Diana of Hellfire Sauces. We checked out the new additions to the Hellfire lineup. Allen purchased the new Private Reserve 2015 Hot Sauce and tried out the tasty new meat sticks that have Carolina Reaper Peppers in them. They were good and smoky, and you could taste the distinct flavor of the Reaper Peppers. Hellfire makes great extreme sauces and limited edition collector bottles of handmade ceramic that are beautiful works of art. Hellfire had a booth that was very impressive and had a lot of cool swag. I noticed when I got home they included a Hellfire Sauces ink pen in the bag with the sauce I purchased. Extreme heat lovers should definitely check out this great company from Lake Geneva, WI. We thank Merle and Diana for doing an advance vendor interview for this year’s Expo.

Merle of Hellfire
Hellfire Booth is rockin'
Hellfire has hot stuff try if you dare, LOL!
Hellfire's Diana and fellow staffer

Bigfat’s Hot Sauce:

It is always cool seeing Jeremy and his wife. From Niles, IL Bigfat’s Hot Sauce had an organized booth with a variety of flavors of their great hot sauces. The lineup Bigfat’s has something for everyone. You can find a line of around 12 sauces on their website. Some of the flavors are Chipotle, Garlic and Jolokia (Ghost Pepper) sauces. All are flavorful they run the line from mild to hot. It was great to see them slinging sauce again here in NYC. 

Bigfat’s Hot Sauce Banner, "They got your number"!
Bigfat’s Hot Sauce Booth

Gemini Crow Hot Sauce:

We had a great visit with our friend, Dov Teta, owner of Gemini Crow Hot Sauce. Dov has a new sauce we purchased called “Jack the Reaper”, made with Carolina Reaper Peppers. We are big fans of his Blackberry Belle Hot Sauce, as it is sweet and hot. Blackberry Belle can be used to make some of the tastiest chicken wings ever. We spoke to Dev about his sauces as well as the various events he does with Gemini Crow. Some of the events Dov does is a table/tasting at the Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market, and some Horror film conventions. Dov was kind enough to be one of the Interviewees on Two Frys set of advance NYC Hot Sauce Expo 17 question vendor interviews.

Dov Teta, owner of Gemini Crow Hot Sauce
Dov Teta of Gemini Crow and Allen Two Frys
Booth for Gemini Crow Hot Sauce
Dov Teta humor at Gemini Crow Hot Sauce Booth

Deception Salsa:

Deception Salsa had an impressive lineup of their salsas available for tasting and purchase. Deception Salsa has been to NYC before and they offer from Mild to Wickedly Hot. The salsa line goes from Girly Girl to Wickedly Hot. I also like the fact that some of the sauces come in larger size mugs with lids. Deception Salsa also makes Oink Spicy Bacon Salsa that we plan to cover on Two Frys in the future.

Deception Salsa Booth
Deception Salsa Oink Bacon Salsa in mug
Deception Salsas Oink Spicy Bacon Salsa

Whitehouse Station:

Whitehouse Station had a booth with all their sauces on display and for tasting. Based in Hunterdon County, NJ Whitehouse Station Hot Sauce is the brainchild of Jon Kasper, a culinary graduate. We met them before and it was great to see them again. We would like to review their products in the near future. Their booth was very busy. We liked the wooden boxes with packing material display.

Whitehouse Station staff
Whitehouse Station nice display


From Auckland, New Zealand Culley’s had an impressive booth showcasing the line of hot sauces they make. I briefly spoke to one of the employees about the sauce and flavors. Culley's established in 1975, came a really long way for the Expo. It was great to see them and take a look at their products. I hope to see more of them in the USA in the future.

Culley’s Booth
Culley’s nice layout
Culley’s friendly staffer

Chile Pepper Magazine:

Chile Pepper Magazine is definitely Allen’s favorite magazine on the planet, and we were thrilled they had a table at the Expo this year. They had free Chile Pepper beads for all with the magazine logo. Allen purchased a great baseball hat for only 5 bucks, and a Chili Pepper Logo shopping bag. The booth had an impressive selection of back issues at a budget price. Each issue of Chile Pepper Magazine is like a cookbook. If you’re into spicy cooking and hot peppers, be sure and subscribe to this wonderful magazine. The recipes range from low heat to extreme, so they cover a lot of bases and have something for everyone. Chile Pepper has been one of the sponsors of the Expo every year since it started. The VIP bags included an issue of the magazine and a special V.I.P. one year subscription coupon. Chile Pepper Magazine is always a great read and recommended by Two Frys. It was awesome meeting the friendly staff members in person this year.

Chile Pepper Magazine Booth
Chile Pepper Magazine had lots of great back issues too
Chile Pepper Magazine Hat Allen purchased, nice and embroidered too

It is always awesome seeing my pal Chip “King of Wings” Hearn at the Expos in NYC. We had a great chat with Chip, Chip’s daughter, Rachael, and the rest of their staff. They had brought some exclusive Zombie Bomb hot sauce with them just for me. I was thrilled, and also got a hold of some Bronx Ghost Pepper Roadkill Hot Sauce. carries a large array of sauces both online and in their retail store in Lewes, DE. We are big fans of and of Chip. Chip was inducted at the Expo into the Hot Sauce Hall of Fame. We will be working with store and their products a lot in the future. The sauce in our V.I.P. bag was especially from The bottle is the tasty Vidalia Onion and Peach Hot Sauce with a collector’s 2015 expo label. carries and keeps in stock more hot sauce than any other company in the USA we have met and dealt with. They also have a wonderful, helpful and friendly staff both online, on the phone and at events. has the World’s Largest Collection of Hot Sauces for sale so be sure to order from them. We love Peppers Blue Crab Original Salsa, it’s the bomb.

My buddy Chip Hearn from and Allen Two Frys

Our friends the staffers colorful display great sauces for sale at the Expo Booth with a name like this its gotta be hot, LOL! has some truly hilarious bottled hot sauce 
Picked up a Bronx Road Kill Ghost Pepper Sauce. Thanks,

Blair’s Sauces and Snacks:

Based in Highlands, NJ Blair’s Sauces and Snacks had a very colorful booth and it was the first time we have seen them at an event. Founded in 1989, Blair’s Sauces makes super extreme hot sauces with names like Salsa De La Muerte, Pure Death Sauce, Sudden Death Sauce, After Death Sauce, and Beyond Death Sauce. Lots of Blair's items come in coffin shaped boxes and have a skull keychain attached to the seal. Blair's also offers spicy snacks and a line of handmade hot sauces. It you want to burn someone up real good, get them a bottle of Blair's. The staff was very friendly and we loved the booth setup with lots of skulls. Blair's also makes serious collectors items perfect for hot sauce collectors. We have an interest in Blair’s and plan to do some future articles about their products.

Blair’s Sauces and Snacks
Blair’s Sauces and Snacks, Death Sauce Zone
Blair’s Sauces and Snacks handmade hot sauces
Blair’s Sauces and Snacks Coffin Boxes LOL!

Volcanic Peppers:

From Bellevue, NE Volcanic Peppers has an impressive line of both sauces and seasonings. They also make tasty condiments. The Portuguese Sauce they make is amazingly creamy and spicy. Volcanic Peppers offers a line of pepper dusts and mixes from the hot peppers they grow. It is always good to see our friend Tim Bader, and have a chat when he comes to NYC. Volcanic Peppers also make a Red Reaper Hot Sauce as well as spicy Ketchup and Mustard. I thank Tim for doing an advance vendor interview for this year’s Expo. Get some LAVA Today!

Volcanic Peppers Booth
Volcanic Peppers Tim Bader and crew
Volcanic Peppers busy booth

Sweet Heat Gourmet:

It was great seeing Shellie and David Mierwald again manning their Sweet Heat Gourmet booth. We got Sweet Heat Gourmet Key Lime Pear Hot Sauce and look forward to reviewing it on Two Frys. Based in Spring Mills, PA Sweet Heat Gourmet is one of our favorite hot sauce companies. Some of our favorites include Red, White & Black Currant Awesome Sauce and Apple Bourbon BBQ Sauce. Sweet Heat use locally sourced ingredients for their sauces and also emphasize flavor over just heat. The ingredients are thoughtfully put together and range in heat levels. You should definitely try Sweet Heat Gourmet products. You will love them as much as we do!

Our friends Shellie and David Mierwald of Sweet Heat Gourmet
Sweet Heat Gourmet Sauces we love the new labels

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