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NYC Hot Sauce Expo 2015 Page 2

NYC Hot Sauce Expo 2015 Page 2

High River Sauces Presents The 3rd Annual NYC Hot Sauce Expo
April 25 & 26, 2015
Brooklyn Expo - 79 Franklin Street - Brooklyn, NY

Hoboken Eddies:

It was awesome seeing our buddy Hoboken Eddie (Chef Ed). Eddie is always a character and a pleasure to be with. We spent time hanging out with Chef Ed and talking shop. Eddie has a great line of sauces for all people’s needs from Mild to F/N Hot. All of Chef Ed’s sauces concentrate on mega flavor. His sauces are handmade with love. We talked about sauce, flavors and smoking peppers with Chef Ed. Ed is one of my fave local hot sauce friends and he loves his fans and customers. It shows in his interaction with the public and in his humor. Ed not only makes hot sauce, but also cooks at various events all over the place. I can recommend any of Ed’s flavorful sauces as they all shine. We have both cooked with Ed’s sauces on the blog and have had great successes. We hope to see Hoboken Eddie at more events this year if they are close enough to attend.

Chef Chris Santos with Hoboken Eddie and Allen Fry Two Frys

Hoboken Eddie Loves Ya!
Hoboken Eddies Booth
Hoboken Eddie talking sauce
Hoboken Eddie Decor

Rattler BBQ Sauce (Chef Chris Santos):

It was great meeting Chef Chris Santos, resident Judge on Food Network’s Chopped. We tried his new hot sauce, Rattler and purchased one. We chatted with Chris and Sophia took a photo of Chris with me. Throughout the day, we chatted here and there with Chef Santos. He was very friendly and talkative with his fans. He also mentioned he was looking forward to a Two Frys review of the sauce we purchased from him.

Chef  Chris Santos and Allen Two Frys
Chef Chris Santos created Rattler BBQ Sauce
The Chef Chris Santos "Chopping Block"

Dragon’s Blood Elixir Hot Sauce:

It was cool seeing Dragon’s Blood Elixir again this year. They had a nice variety of different hot sauces to sample and for sale. I personally thought the Avocado Hot Sauce was wonderful. Dragon’s Blood Elixir offers a good sized line of sauces of various heat ranges and tasty flavors.

Dragon’s Blood Elixir Hot Sauce Booth
Dragon’s Blood Elixir Hot Sauce nice flavors

High River Sauces:

It was great seeing Chris Caffery, as we are fans of his music going back to Savatage days. Sophia chatted about the new album he is recording and a new hot sauce in the works. The t-shirt designs were awesome and we both bought several different designs. Steve Seabury and High River are the driving force behind the NYC Hot Sauce Expo and have a wonderful staff and line of hot sauces, which are all great. Based in NY, High River makes some of our fave hot sauces like Tears of the Sun, Hellacious, and Rouge. Also try their Carolina Reaper (The Worlds Hottest Chili Pepper) Hot Sauce, Foo Mama Choo. High River creates a variety of sauces for every type of heat palate. Two Frys can recommend the whole line.

Chris Caffery from High River Sauces
High River Sauces Hot Sauce
High River Sauces Booth
High River Sauces T-shirts and Expo T-shirts

Heartbreaking Dawns:

We had a wonderful visit with Chef Johnny and his wife and cute as heck daughter this year. NJ based Heartbreaking Dawns was one of the first local hot sauce companies we networked with in the early stages of our spicy sauce and food reviews. Johnny has been a friend for several years now and we make an effort to go see him when he does events close to the city. Heartbreaking Dawns (HBD) has some of our most favorite sauces out there. From Allen’s favorite, the milder Classic Gold to the hotter Reaper Sauce we use for roasted veggies. With HBD you know even with the extreme heat sauces, flavor is in the frontline then comes the burn. As Allen says, flavor is key.

Chef Johnny HBD and Allen Two Frys
Heartbreaking Dawns Booth, we both love HBD sauces big time

 Bronx Baking Co. Pretzels:

Bronx Baking Co. had a booth selling their yummy Pretzels. Allen spoke to them about ordering some Bacon wrapped pretzels. The friendly and informative staff told him about where they are made in the borough and who to contact to place and pick up an order. This is great because they are local to us as we live in the Bronx. These pretzels are way better than the soft pretzels vendors sell all over NYC. I plan to do more on our blog with Bronx Baking Co. in the future.

Bronx Baking Co. Booth, soft pretzels go great with hot sauce

 World Famous Hot Sauce:

World Famous Hot Sauce was in attendance and the booth had a cool nautical theme. This matched their branding and was definitely impressive. We are looking forward to cooking or making some party snacks with World Famous soon. 

World Famous Hot Sauce had a cool Nautical themed booth

Queen Majesty Hot Sauce:

Brooklyn, NY based Queen Majesty Hot Sauce currently offer 2 products: JalapeƱo Tequila & Lime Hot Sauce, which was recently featured on Two Frys and Scotch Bonnet & Ginger Hot Sauce. Allen enjoyed the Scotch Bonnet & Ginger Hot Sauce and loved how the ginger complimented the heat of the Scotch Bonnet. It was nice to talk to them and we recently met them at a previous local event.

Queen Majesty Hot Sauce Booth
Queen Majesty Hot Sauce Scotch Bonnet and Ginger

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