Thursday, January 29, 2015

Siam Square Thai Cuisine

Siam Square Thai Cuisine
Left-Allen's spicy soup Tom Yum Koong, right-(top) Chicken Satay and (bottom) Allen's Kanom Jeeb dumplings
Tonight we had dinner with family to celebrate our nephew's upcoming study abroad six-month trip to South America. We are so very proud of him! Allen and me have never eaten here and were looking forward to it. Siam Square has received excellent ratings from Zagat, and the restaurant is cozy and very well known in Riverdale. The food did not disappoint and we loved everything we ate. The cuisine is authentic Thai and you can adjust your food to have a little or lots of heat. We will surely return here and I grabbed the takeout menu on the way out.

For an appetizer, my brother ordered us all a large order of Satay, skewered chicken tenders marinated in Thai spices with peanut sauce and cucumber ajad on the side. I had one and it was yummy. The peanut sauce had a nice creamy texture and the cucumber ajad was refreshing.

Allen shared his appetizer Kanom Jeeb with his nephew. These are steamed Thai dumplings with ground pork and shrimp. They both loved it. Allen ordered Tom Yum Koong, a spicy soup with shrimp, mushrooms and onions seasoned with lemongrass and lime juice with a spicy shrimp broth. Allen loved the heat level and robust taste of the soup.

My Pad Preow Wham and Allen's spicy Drunken Chicken
For my main course, I stayed on the mild side and ordered Pad Preow Whan with beef and pineapples, cucumber, tomatoes and assorted vegetables in a Thai sweet and sour sauce. What I loved was the combination of all the ingredients and the beef was perfectly seasoned. The sauce was not too sweet either and had a perfect balance of flavor. It was served with steamed jasmine rice.

For Allen's main course, he ordered a spicy dish Drunken Chicken. It was minced chicken breast sauteed with string beans, sweet peppers in a spicy chili-basil sauce with jasmine rice. Allen loved the heat level and asked the waitress for some Thai Chili Sauce and we both ate some with our food.

I ordered a mild dish for my Mom Pad Kana, pork sauteed with broccoli, sweet peppers and garlic in a mild garlic sauce. She really liked it. Everyone enjoyed their dinner course. For dessert, I ordered Coconut Mousse for my Mom and we ended up sharing it. It was refreshing and very light and creamy. The fruit was a great pairing and nice way to end the meal.

It was great to have dinner time and great food with my family.

For further information, please visit the Siam Square Thai Cuisine site:

Siam Square Thai Cuisine
564 Kappock Street
Bronx, NY 10463
Tel: 718.432.8200

-Sophia/Two Frys

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