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Al's Chupa Kabob-ra's with Chupacabra Rub

Al's Chupa Kabob-ra's with Chupacabra Rub

Al's Chup Kabob-ra's with Chupacabra Rub

San Antonio, Texas based 2 Gringo's (Alton & Bettie Paris) make a variety of Rubs (Season-All), Sauces, Salsas, Chips and even ready to eat Dried Sausage. Their motto "It's Chupalacious" is comical, yet true. I have been following the brand on Facebook for some time now and became very interested in their company. In seeing some of the great  food they make with Chupacabra from the recipes they post, I was very excited.

The Chupacabra Rub is real versatile when it came to both grilling and cooking with it in general. Chupacabra was first created to use in BBQ competitions and friends of the 2 Gringo's convinced them to make it for sale and available to the public. This they did and now Chupacabra Rub is available for both the home cook and also used by other BBQ teams and competitive cooks.

In the straight taste test I did, I was pleased with the flavors the rub provided. 2 Gringo's claim the rub is great for BBQ and Grilling and good on Steak, Briskets, Fajitas, Ribs, Chicken, Fish and Vegetables. I can vouch for this as the first dish I decided to make with 2 Gringo's Chupacabra Rub was my signature Shish Kabobs. The Rub performed excellent on my Kabobs of Steak and Vegetables. It was not too spicy, but loaded with flavor. My wife is a flavor fan but not an extreme heat fan and she enjoyed the wonderful flavors and mentioned it was just a little spicy. I cooked the Shish Kabobs with just a brushing of regular (non-infused or flavored) Olive Oil and a generous yet not thick coating of Chupacabra Rub. I did not add Salt and Pepper as I usually do as I wanted the true taste of the rub to shine through.

Al's Chup Kabob-ra's with Chupacabra Rub ready to be cooked
4 Bamboo Skewers

1 Yellow Bell Pepper

1 Green Bell Pepper

Yellow Sweet Cherry Tomatoes

Red Cherry Tomatoes

1/2 White Onion

Sirlion Steak

Pure Olive Oil

Simply cut all the Bell Peppers, Onion into chunks and Sirlion Steak to same size cubes or chunks.

Skewer all the Steak and Veggies with different items next to each other for better mix of flavors.

I made 4 hearty Kabobs but this can be doubled of course if you need to make more.

I cut my Veggies and Steak medium size as I cook on a Foreman Grill indoors.

Chupacabra Rub is a great addition to an urban cooks pantry (We live in NYC so we use electric grills and the oven broiler a lot) as well as a condiment for grilling outside.

Cook on Foreman Grill for 7 minutes and then rotate once so the sides cook evenly for another 3 to 4 minutes. Cooking times vary so keep an eye on your Kabobs. Cook until desired (medium or well). The Vegetables should be soft, but not overcooked. These Kabobs could also be made in your oven broiler or right on your BBQ Grill.

The results were fantastic. We love Chupacabra's flavors on the Steak and Vegetables. I even sprinkled a bit of Chupacabra on my side dish of Mashed Potatoes and it was really tasty as a straight season-all. If you want more flavor just sprinkle a bit more of the Chupacabra Rub after you grill while the Kabobs are moist so the rub will stick. I highly recommend Chupacabra Rub and it will become a staple in our blog pantry.

I tried Chupacabra Rub on various foods: Steak Kabobs, Chicken, Salads, Pickles, Avocados, French Fries, Tacos, and Hamburgers. This is a true season-all due to its versatility on just about anything as well as a great meat rub. My biggest fear is running out of this amazing pantry and BBQ item. Get Some...

Product ingredients are: Salt, Spices, MSG (an MSG Free version is also available), Garlic, Sugar, Brown Sugar, Chili Peppers, Bell Pepper, Butter Flavor, Lemon Powder, and more.

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