Saturday, July 19, 2014

Dadz Datildew Hot Sauce

Aged Datil Pepper Sauce

Dadz makes a nice, smooth hot sauce made from aged Datil peppers. The peppers are
sun ripened and aged. I first saw Dadz Datildew post in a Peppers group on
Facebook. I never had a hot sauce made with Datil Peppers so I was interested
in the taste of this sauce. The fresh Datil peppers used in Dadz are grown in sunny
St. Augustine, Florida.

The sauce has some basic ingredients, yet grand flavors. Some of the ingredients in
this sauce are Datil Peppers, Vinegar(s), Salt and Spices. This sauce is a third
generation hot sauce that is produced in small fresh batches. Dadz is a bit sweet with
lots of smokey flavor. The sauce consistency is fairly thick and hearty, not watery like
some southern hot sauces. I must say the Datil peppers provide a nice heat and bite to this sauce.

Although HOT, this sauce is not overpowering and it does not take much. Datil Peppers are higher up on the Scoville scale then most medium peppers used to make sauces. I will add that this sauce would be a great starting sauce for folks that would like to go up a bit higher from mainstream heat. At the same time, the heat is not extreme and flavor is key in this sauce.

Dadz Datildew with pork chops, grilled peppers and rice pilaf.

Try some Dadz for a great flavor and heat combination. I plan to keep Dadz in our
pantry regularly. Great on meats and vegetables alike. The Datils are around the
heat of a Habanero pepper, but they provide a fruitier and much sweeter flavor.
Special thanks to my friend Ralph Scharle for sending me the bottle for tasting and
cooking. Recommended by Two Frys.

Dadz is nice, thick  and hearty

Hot Sauce Baby "A dat'l do it" they say, and it is a flavorful addition to your pantry.

For further information, please visit:
Facebook Official: Dadz on Facebook

-Allen / Two Frys

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