Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Frog Bone Cajun Pepper Sauce

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Frog Bone Cajun Pepper Sauce is a nice and spicy Cajun sauce for your foods. Frog Bone recommends it for use on beans, gumbo and eggs. In the tasting process, I used the sauce on Pork Chops (pictured), vegetables, rice mixes and even Chinese fried shrimp. All of these paired well. The sauce is a spicy Louisiana style hot sauce. Cajun Pepper Sauce has more thickness and body than some of the other popular sauces from Louisiana. I seem to find thicker sauces hold better when put on grilled and broiled meats.

Frog Bone Cajun on Homemade Pork Chops
Frog Bone Cajun Pepper Sauce is a great condiment to use on baked fish also. I used it to kick up some heat on Gorton's Fish Fillets we made one evening. The spice ingredients along with the Cayenne Peppers make a nice blend. Recommended for fans of Louisiana Style Hot Sauce that like a bit more body to their sauce. We really like the Frog Bone line and this is one of several continuing articles about their products. Also, it is important to note Frog Bone has an impressive line of BBQ Sauces, Cajun Seasonings, Rubs, and now a Crawfish Pre-Boil Mix. There are 12 or more products available not just the Frog Bone Cajun Pepper Hot Sauce.

I encourage you to visit their website and order some products for both your pantry and outdoor cooking needs. All folks could really use some good old southern items to spice up your foods. They also make a lower sodium seasoning for those with dietary restrictions, I think that is great. The products are Louisiana Style favorites with a Texas twist. Add some southern flair to your foods today with Frog Bone products.

Ingredients include: vinegar, red cayenne peppers, water, salt, spices, soy oil, garlic, onion, chili peppers, and capsicum.

Special Thanks to our friend Keith "BOUDIN MAN" Jenkins, for the sauces.

For further information, please visit:
Website: www.frog-bone.com
Facebook: Frog Bone Cajun Sauces

-Allen / Two Frys

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