Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Frog Bone Spanish Moss White BBQ Sauce

Frog Bone Spanish Moss White BBQ Sauce

I have been cooking with several Frog Bone Sauces sent to me by Keith "BOUDIN MAN" Jenkins restaurateur gone sauce-maker. The Frog Bone line is now seven sauces, and they all are of interest to home cooks that like a Cajun touch to their foods. I am impressed with this versatile Spanish Moss sauce, as it has a wide range of uses in our kitchen. I have used this as a dipping sauce, meat topping (after grilling), and also as a substitute for Cole Slaw Dressing sold at most supermarkets. The Cole slaw (pictured) was great and the flavors blended well with the veggie slaw mix.

The sweet sauce is not hot, but they do make a hotter
pepper based hot sauce. I will cover the hot sauce in a future post. Spanish Moss features ingredients like egg yolk, sugar, mustard seed, spices, anchovy puree, paprika, lemon juice and more. The sauce is a thick mayonnaise type product that is really tasty as a dipping sauce also. I can recommend this sauce with confidence as both a dipping and topping sauce. They call it the White BBQ Sauce on their website. This may be the first non-tomato based BBQ sauce I have had and I really dig it. For more products from Frog Bone, please visit them online and like the Frog Bone Facebook page for regular updates. More Frog Bone articles to come as I cook with the sauces.

PS. They have great tasting sauces and really cool comical artwork.

Website: Frog Bone 

Facebook: Frog Bone Facebook

-Allen / Two Frys

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