Friday, January 10, 2014

Hoosier Daddy Smokehouse Hickory BBQ Sauce with Lime

Hoosier Daddy Smokehouse Hickory BBQ Sauce with Lime

Hoosier Daddy Hickory Smokehouse
with Lime
Hoosier Daddy Smokehouse Hickory with a twist of lime is a really tasty treat for your pork, chicken and beef dishes. The Smokehouse Hickory is like their Sweet and Sassy BBQ sauce with a spike of lime twist. Hoosier Daddy mentioned on their promo sheet, the lime adds a nice fiesta touch to your foods. I agree, and even used the left over pork chops I made for a few pork soft tacos the next day for lunch. I really think this lime twist is a great addition to their already tasty line of sauces. I marinated a package of trimmed, semi thick boneless pork chops with Hoosier Daddy Smokehouse Hickory with a twist of lime. I let the pork chops sit in the fridge for 8 hours, and then grilled the chops in a grill pan on the stove. The results were very satisfying.  I added some chopped onions to the sauce for added flavor. Hoosier Daddy Sweet and Sassy was also very good, but did not have the lime ingredient. Both sauces are great for dipping sauces as well and as marinades.

The lime actually tasted fresh in the Hoosier Daddy Smokehouse Hickory BBQ sauce just as if it were squeezed in the sauce right before eating it. Gladly, there was no chemical taste like there is in lime flavored tortilla chips so that is great. Hoosier got the recipe right with the lime flavor and hickory smoke flavor mixed together resulting in a sweet, smooth smoked sauce. This could become a household favorite of yours so give it a shot.

Hoosier Daddy Slathering the Pork
The website has easy ordering via Amazon. If you have Amazon Prime, some of Hoosier Daddy's products are available to ship with your prime account saving you on shipping charges. I recommend these sauces for your BBQ be it outdoors or urban indoors. Hoosier Daddy also makes a Ghost Roast BBQ Sauce that will be on the blog in the future. We plan to make chicken wings with the Ghost Roast (Bhut Jolokia) BBQ sauce! Make Hoosier Daddy your daddy soon.

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-Allen/Two Frys

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