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Apple Bourbon BBQ Sauce Sweet Heat Gourmet

Apple Bourbon BBQ Sauce Sweet Heat Gourmet

An easy marinade just use a Ziploc bag
Sweet Heat Gourmet based locally (to us) in State College, PA is a welcome new fave for the new year. I have been corresponding with Chef Michelle Mierwald about her sauces for a few months now. In the near future, I am covering some of Sweet Heat Gourmets More Extreme Hot Sauces and this week tried out their Apple Bourbon BBQ Sauce made with delicious apples from Way Fruit Farm (also local). Chef Michelle Mierwald makes her sauces with what is available seasonally at local farmers markets in her area. This adds to the unique flavors she has been able to produce with a local flavor. Some of Sweet Heat Gourmets sauces are seasonal as the ingredients are freshly available.

The Apple Bourbon BBQ Sauce from Sweet Heat Gourmet was an immediate hit in our kitchen. The apples were an amazing addition to the pork chops I made. The apple and cinnamon sweetness, and the bourbon added a nice smooth smokey flavor to this smooth but highly textured BBQ sauce.

The flavors of all the ingredients really shine through in this sweet product. Both sweet and savory, this sauce is a great
Chops sizzling  in Sweet Heat Gourmet
addition for your home pantry. I use, test, and review a lot of BBQ sauces and this sauce has a great local vibe in both flavors and production. I can recommend Sweet Heat Gourmets Apple Bourbon BBQ Sauce with the satisfaction of knowing it is a tasty product and great local sauce. Get yours today on the Sweet Heat Gourmet website, and be sure to visit their booth at the upcoming NYC Hot Sauce Expo 2014 in Manhattan/NYC. Hot sauce reviews upcoming will feature chicken with Apple Bourbon BBQ that really was great on pork chops. I marinated the chops in a Ziploc bag with BBQ sauce and then cooked them in an electric skillet. I got a nice carmelization from the sugars in the sauce.

Web: Sweet Heat Gourmet

Facebook: Sweet Heat Gourmet FB

See them in NYC March 2014 at the: New York City Hot Sauce Expo

-Allen / TwoFrys

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