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Bonfatto's Fire in the Hole Wing Sauce

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Bonfatto's Fire in the Hole Wing Sauce & Marinade is a hotter version of their highly popular Original Wing Sauce. The Original is a rich and buttery smooth tasting wing sauce that truly compliments your wings. This same profile is used for Fire in the Hole yet it is kicked up a few notches with the addition of more hot peppers in the ingredients. Fire in the Hole is fairly hot and spicy, but will not knock ya down. The heat lingers on your tongue for a bit in a most satisfying way. I agree with the website and the fact that the sauce creeps up on you. The Bonfatto's heat scale is 3 Dragon Heat Flames so it is hot and even my wife Sophia enjoyed our Fire in the Hole chicken wings, and she usually goes for more milder sauces.

Wings with Bonfatto's Fire in the Hole Wing Sauce & Marinade
Fire in the Hole is fantastic and it made our wings so flavorful and with each bite the heat was level was ever present and welcoming. If you cannot deal with spicy sauces like Fire in the Hole, then check out the Original instead. I am recommending Fire in the Hole for a more intense heat experience on your wings.

Some of the ingredients in Fire in the Hole are: pepper sauce, unsalted butter, honey, spices and garlic powder. This is my new favorite wing sauce and our family thinks this sauce is spicy and packs a punch that will have you craving more with each bite.

Our wings with Fire in the Hole; spicy and delish
Based in State College, PA Bonfatto's is a sauce company by Letterman Industries that we have loved and supported since first meeting David Letterman many years ago at the former Atlantic City Food Network Food and Wine Festivals. It was at the Grand Market where we first came across Bonfatto's products and we have been hooked since. Bonfatto's also own a restaurant in Pennsylvania. Not only do Bonfatto's make great wing sauces they also offer a wide variety of other BBQ sauces that are really great.

Wings are ready to bake
To make the chicken wings, I pat them dry with a paper towel, and season both sides with coarse salt. Add wings in a large resealable bag and 1 cup of Fire in the Hole Wing Sauce & Marinade, sealing the bag and making sure the sauce coats all the wings. Adjust the amount of sauce depending on how many wings you are making. I let the sauce marinate in the fridge for a few hours, but if you can do so overnight. When ready to bake, heat the oven to 375 degrees and bake the wings for one hour turning them at the half hour point.

Order some Fire in the Hole Wing Sauce & Marinade today for both your indoor cooking and outdoor BBQing. With July 4 coming up, here's a perfect excuse to use Fire in the Hole on wings to share with your entire family.

To order Bonfatto's Fire in the Hole Wing Sauce & Marinade and their other fine products visit:

-Allen/Two Frys

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