Sunday, July 9, 2017

Fidget Spinner Cookies

Fidget Spinner Cookies That Spin

Fidget Spinner Cookies That Spin!

My spinner and Fidget Spinner Cookies

Happy National Sugar Cookie Day! I hadn't bought a fidget spinner until yesterday since I wanted to make fidget spinner cookies that spin after seeing a bunch of videos on Pinterest. I ordered a fidget spinner cutter from American Tradition Cookie Cutters, and purchased a fidget spinner at Five Below on sale for $3. They are fun. Wee!!! Spin-spin... I saved some of the cookie dough from baking last weekend to make three cookies to celebrate this special day for all cookie decorators and cookie lovers. For the recipe, go to my Firework Cookies post and omit the sprinkles. The cookies were fun to make. I did 2 very elementary videos so you can see the cookies spin. See directions below.

With a fidget spinner cutter or a template cut desired amount of cookies.

Use a paper straw to make a hole in the center of each cookie.

Use the bottom of a decorating tip and press into dough on the three corners to make the holes.

Use a small round cutter to make 2 buttons for each cookie. You will affix these with a piece of straw so they spin later.

Spinner I bought

My spinner and fidget spinner cookie cutter

Cut about 1 1/2 inches pieces of straw for the amount of cookies you bake.

With royal icing colors of your choice, make all the borders and fill each cookie.

Once dry, do black border around the small center circle and the three circles.

Let cookies dry completely.

What you need to make these cookies

I only used 1 straw since I only made three cookies

Do 1 cookie, insert straw piece and then dab a little royal icing onto the back of one of the buttons.

Use enough royal icing to make the cookie stick to the straw piece. Repeat and add the other button on the top side of the cookie. Press together gently.

Use bottom of pastry tip to make the circles

Since my circle cutter was fluted I used the end side to make the buttons; do 2 for each cookie

Repeat this step until you are done.

Let it set on wire rack for at least 2 hours.

Royal Icing 

Cookies ready for royal icing

If desired, gently brush cookies with white or silver luster dust so they shimmer.

Spin your cookie and eat it.


-Sophia/Two Frys

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