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Terlingua Smoked Chipotle

Terlingua Smoked Chipotle
By Terlingua Sauce Company

Terlingua Smoked Chipotle
Terlingua Smoked Chipotle Sauce comes from my hometown in Livermore, CA. Terlingua has unique artwork on their bottle labels, and I love the whole Southwestern Spaghetti Western design. The art has a skeletal gunslinger with Chiles and an armadillo in a graveyard with Chiles. The artwork is great, and the different hot sauce varieties all feature unique artwork.

The Smoke Chipotle is a flavorful sauce. I used it on Mexican food: tacos, Spanish rice, black beans, and on Two Frys Burrito Bowls (pictured). I enjoyed the flavors from the blend of peppers, cilantro, salt, onions, vinegar, liquid smoke, and spices. The texture of the sauce is a medium thickness, and the bottle comes with a dripper insert.

Terlingua Smoke Chipotle
The flavors are good and well developed in this savory hot sauce. On the heat scale, Terlingua is mild to medium. Terlingua is a sauce most can enjoy without the major burn of some sauces on the market. I like the taste, but am not a fan of liquid smoke in hot sauces. I use liquid smoke in meats, but do not care for it in hot sauces.

Close-up of Terlingua Smoke Chipotle on Two Frys Burrito Bowls
The liquid smoke is overpowering for me but otherwise, Terlingua is bold and has a robust flavor profile. I actually smell the liquid smoke above any smoked peppers and wish it was the opposite way around. Terlingua offer other sauces so be sure to check out the "Site 300" Sauce, as well as the Barbeque Sauce product line. This was a great first time tasting of a hometown hot sauce. I look forward to new sauces from Terlingua and when you order online, get more than one at a time.

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-Allen/Two Frys

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  1. Thanks for the compliments i did all of the artwork and the sauce recipes. Unfortunately the business was growing faster than we could finance and the partnership resolved.


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