Tuesday, August 30, 2016

J&K Brenner's Garlic Lime

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By J&K Brenner's Sauce and Spice Co.

J&K Brenner's Garlic Lime Hot Sauce on a monster burrito
I met Kendall and Jordan Brenner years ago at the Brooklyn Chile Pepper Fiesta. I have been a friend and fan ever since. I am always happy to see Kendall at local events when I run into him. J&K Brenner's All Natural Original Garlic Lime Hot Sauce is a great sauce in their versatile and ever growing product lineup of spicy goods. Garlic Lime has a medium heat and a thin consistency. It has the liquidity of a Louisiana style hot sauce. I like the bold flavor profile of the sauce, but wish it was just a tad thicker.

J&K Brenner's Garlic Lime Hot Sauce works great on Mexican foods like burritos (pictured), and added to thick spicy salsa to kick it up a notch. Garlic Lime is not too heavy on the lime, but offers the right balance and a fresh taste. The bold flavors of the Habaneros and garlic shine through. Some of the spicy and savory ingredients in Garlic Lime are: Habanero Chiles, garlic, onion, cider vinegar, lime juice, natural lime flavor, and kosher salt.

J&K Brenner's Garlic Lime Hot Sauce
All in all, Garlic Lime is a great sauce to add medium Habanero heat to your fave dishes. I also use Garlic Lime on steamed vegetables as it pairs well. Garlic Lime also compliments rice dishes bringing up the heat and rounding out flavor. The Brenner's line of hot sauces and spices are highly recommended by Two Frys. I also enjoy the newer BBQ and Dipping Sauces they now offer. Future coverage on these sauces are upcoming on Two Frys. Try out Garlic Lime and bring it to your dinner table today. Keep up the great work J&K Brenner's AKA Hot-Cha-Waa-Cha Sauce and Spice Co. Get some!

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