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NYC Hot Sauce Expo Page 4

Pin It NYC Hot Sauce Expo Continued...

Jersey Barnfire - Outstanding Sauces A+
Jersey Barnfire goods

Jersey Barnfire
Jersey Barnfire was busy all day and had many people tasting their rapidly growing product lineup. Run by the talented John Sauchelli and Austin Almeida, they have gone from hot sauces to more products like hot infused salts and Hot Taco Sauce. I tasted several newer products as well as some we love like the Original and Black Garlic. Jersey Barnfire has really grown since I first met them at the 2015 expo. I recommend all the Jersey Barnfire products and they are great additions as both a cooking additive and as a condiment. When ordering Jersey Barnfire products order several at a time since they go fast due to the fantastic flavors. I also want to thank John, Austin and their staff for holding my bags for me.

Hot Sauce Hall of Fame Member my friend Chip Hearn (King of Wings) has great tasting and fun products Booth selling Ghost Pepper Nuts our friends working hard
Need some Colon Cleaner Hot Sauce? Check out - You Can Handle This Hot Sauce - LOL
It is always a pleasure to see my friends from Delaware based, at all the expos. offers a gigantic line of sauces and more on their massive website. We had a great time speaking to Rachel John, GM of and Allen’s buddy, Hot Sauce Hall of Famer, Chip Hearn (The King of Wings). has a database online full of recipes to cook with the hot sauces and products they sell. Rachel and Chip explained told us the story behind two of their new products made exclusively for the expo. This year, feature hot sauces for the expo were I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce, and the unique Que Sera Sriracha Misfortune Hot Sauce. The Misfortune Hot Sauce came with a Misfortune Cookie (see photos). Sophia’s Misfortune Cookie was hilarious and thankfully did not happen. Misfortune Hot Sauce and Misfortune Cookies
Sophia's Misfortune Cookie - Ha Ha! 
The Misfortune Hot Sauce is Sriracha style and has the saying, “Whatever will be, will be hot” on the label. The Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce has a nice informative blurb about Bhut Jolokia (AKA Ghost Pepper). The I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce has a heat level rating of nine on the bottle, and a taste level of 10. often creates hilarious funny labels on their hot sauce bottles exclusively available to their company. Chip and Rachel are great folks and fun to visit with. We brought home their Georgia Peach and Vidalia Onion Hot Sauce and one we never had before, Fresh Sweet Mango Hot Sauce. We urge all heat seekers and Chile heads to go to for a selection boasting of over 3,000 food items available of all heat levels for mail order. They also have a retail store in Lewes, DE.

Puckerbutt's Smokin' Ed Currie and Allen Two Frys
Puckerbutt Booth and David Flipp with his Boston Ballistic Hot Sauce
Puckerbutt Staffer posing with I Zombie Hot Sauce we bought
Puckerbutt Super Hot Puree - Yikes
Puckerbutt Reaper Squeezin's - Hottest Pepper in the World
Allen purchased his I Zombie Reaper Hot Sauce - 64% Reaper Peppers
Puckerbutt Pepper Co. - HOT STUFF

Puckerbutt Pepper Co.
We stopped by the Puckerbutt Pepper Co. booth and spoke to our friend, World Record Holder for growing the world’s hottest pepper The Carolina Reaper, Smokin’ Ed Currie. I spoke to Ed about the IZombie Hot Sauce made in conjunction with the CW TV channel for the show. Hot sauce plays a big role on the IZombie story line and I found out from Ed the IZombie Hot Sauce has about 64% Carolina Reaper pepper content. Now, that is hot! The Carolina Reaper is the hottest pepper in the world above the Scorpion and Ghost peppers. Ouch! Puckerbutt has an impressive line of various hot sauces, Reaper products, jerky, spicy chocolate, hot honey and more. I also tasted David Flipp’s Boston Ballistic Hot Sauce at the Puckerbutt booth and it was fantastic.

Queen Majesty

Queen Majesty
We are big fans of Brooklyn, NY based company, Queen Majesty. Sophia bought Queen Majesty Red Habanero & Black Coffee Hot Sauce, and will cook with it soon. JalapeƱo Tequila & Lime Hot Sauce is one of our fave sauces and we cooked chicken and veggies with it. I also love the heat level and bold flavor of their Scotch Bonnet & Ginger Hot Sauce. 

Saint Lucifer Vinegar
Saint Lucifer Booth
Saint Lucifer powder

Saint Lucifer
Philly-based company Saint Lucifer offers quality, artisan products and known for the versatile and delicious Saint Lucifer Spice #11. Saint Lucifer also sells Halo Diablo Beef Jerky and Saint Lucifer Divine Nectar – Habanero Balsamic Vinegar. Sophia bought Saint Lucifer Caserecci Pasta infused with Saint Lucifer Spice #11 Habanero Blend and looks forward to cooking with it.

Sam & Oliver's Jeff Maginniss and Allen with sauce
Sam & Oliver Booth
Sam & Oliver Staffers
Sam & Oliver Sauces- Tasty stuff

Sam&Oliver Handcrafted Heat
I had a great time tasting some new hot sauce and BBQ sauce that were so flavorful from CT based company, Sam&Oliver Handcrafted Heat. I spoke with and was glad to meet Sam&Oliver’s Chief Spice Officer, Jeff Maginniss. We have cooked several times with Sam& Oliver products with pulled pork, steak and roasted vegetables and used it as a condiment. I recommend the Sam& Oliver sauces, which are all delicious. Jeff took the time to talk to us about his new products and the original line that is growing. It was a very busy booth and their first time as a vendor at the expo.

Rattler BBQ Sauce - High River Sauces

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