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NYC Hot Sauce Expo Page 2

NYC Hot Sauce Expo Continued...

Angry Irishman Kevin Mackey in kilt

Angry Irishman Hot Sauces

Angry Irishman Rubs

Angry Irishman
It was great meeting the Angry Irishman owner Kevin Mackey and his wife, Mary Ann and chatting with them. I recently reviewed their first sauce as a featured vendor review for the expo. I tasted the newer sauce as well as two new rub products they are currently making. Both rubs were fantastic. The rubs are Angry Irishman – GoB Waterin’ Rib Rub and Angry Irishman Red Aye Rub. The rubs are smooth to the taste and have wonderful sweet and spicy flavors. The spices are well blended and the rubs are so good they do not need Cayenne powder. The Red Aye Rub contains coffee in the ingredients. I purchased a 4 oz. bottle of each for cooking and posting a future review on the blog. The kilt Kevin was wearing was an appropriate touch and fitting. Angry Irishman was a welcome new vendor addition to the NYC Hot Sauce Expo.

Baron’s International Kitchen with the great new labels

Baron’s International Kitchen booth
Baron’s International Kitchen
It was great seeing Therese Baron and we love the new labels on the Baron’s International Kitchen products. Therese’s booth was very busy when we got to it. Sophia featured Therese on the blog a few months ago, and we are huge fans of the product line. We bought the Portuguese Repolho Relish at a past expo and it is outstanding. We used the relish on turkey burgers and hotdogs. Baron’s Caribbean Marinade & Grilling Sauce is available in hot and mild and spices up your meat and vegetable dishes beautifully. Allen is a big fan of the Caribbean Hot Sauce made with Habanero peppers and the heat level is just right.

David Letterman our friend from Bonfatto’s Artisan Sauces

Bonfatto’s Artisan Sauces Dragon

Bonfatto’s Artisan Sauces - Wing Sauce

New Products from Bonfatto’s Artisan Sauces

Bonfatto’s Artisan Sauces & Products
We love to see our friend David Letterman from Bonfatto’s Artisan Sauces and have been fans for years. We first met them some years ago at the Grand Market, at the Food Network Atlantic City Food and Wine Festival. Bonfatto’s offer an extensive product line of wings sauces, marinades and hot sauces and heat levels ranging from mild to extreme. Sophia got a taste of Gooney Bird Choco Razz Hab BBQ Sauce and bought one to cook with pork. The heat level is great and the flavors are intense and balanced.

Born to Hula Booth

Ed Bucholtz  of Born to Hula slinging sauce

Born to Hula
Based in NJ, Born to Hula had some new items this year to sell at the expo. The sauce I was looking forward to buying was the Smokehaus Blues Hot Sauce made with Born to Hula’s Smokehaus Blend. It was nice to say a quick hello to Ed Bucholtz when I purchased the new hot sauce. One of their products Smokin’ Pineapple is a blog fave. The product line Born to Hula offer is diverse and all the sauces we have bought from them are so flavorful. There are many different heat levels to please all heat seekers. I am looking forward to cooking with the Smokhaus Blues Hot Sauce and reviewing it in the future. I recently featured Born to Hula’s Smokehouse Salsa as a featured vendor review for the expo. Born to Hula’s Smokehaus Salsa is a recommended product for fans of low to mild heat and smoky flavors and is one of the best, smoked salsas we ever tasted.

Hot Sauce Hall of Fame Member John (CaJohn) Hard and Allen of Two Frys

Cajohn's Caracara Chipotle Hot Sauce

Cajohn's 3X Award winning Firehouse Hot Sauce

CaJohn's Tiki Bar Hot Sauce, Allen bought one

CaJohn's Black Mamba, Hottest stuff Allen ever tried

CaJohn's Pepper Monkey Baby Hot Sauce

Hailing from Columbus, OH CaJohn’s always offers a great selection of awesome products ranging from hot sauces, BBQ sauces, salsas and more. I picked up some amazing items to cook with such as CaJohn’s Private Reserve Mesquite Smoke Tequila Lime Chile Barbeque Sauce. I purchased this item immediately after tasting it; it was that good! I am a big fan of CaJohn’s sauces and mail order from time to time. I also picked up a bottle of a sauce I had been looking forward to, CaJohn’s Tiki Bar Hot Sauce. This sauce is in style with the Polynesian Supper Clubs of the 70s. This retro style sauce reminds me of sauces I had as a kid at the “Don the Beachcomber” restaurant in San Jose, CA. Tiki Bar is sweet and fruity with Chiles. I am also excited about a bottle CaJohn’s Irish Scream BBQ Sauce. This sauce is an older gem they brought back and it is doing well I was told by CaJohn himself, John Hard. Irish Scream, packed with delicious ingredients contains Irish Whiskey in the sauce.

World's Largest Hot Sauce Collection owner Vic Clinco and Allen 
Vic Clinco working the CaJohn's Execution Station, THE HOT STUFF!
Vic Clinco, Man of Action and Sauce Specialist
It was a pleasure to speak to my friend CaJohn, a member of the Hot Sauce Hall of Fame. I appreciate that a person as busy as him took the time to chat about the CaJohn’s sauces and Irish Scream BBQ sauce he makes. Also at the CaJohn’s booth was a friend I finally met in person, Vic Clinco who owns the largest collection of hot sauces in the world. It was great to talk to Vic and take a picture with CaJohn and him.Vic Clinco was running the CaJohn’s Execution Station where you taste heat in succession from very hot to killer hot sauces one at a time. Vic was doing great with the attendees at the Execution Station.

CajunTex Salsa - Staff
CajunTex Salsa - Spicy Platano Chips
CajunTex Salsa more great products
CajunTex Salsa
We loved the CajunTex Salsa booth and were impressed with the product selection. CajunTex Salsa offers a variety of salsas, sauces and seasonings such as The Cajun Spicy Bayou Dust General All-Purpose Seasoning. The CajunTex Hickory Smoked Salsa Picante is their signature salsa. Other top-notch salsas include the Cranberry Salsa, Black Bean & Corn Salsa and the Five Pepper Extreme Salsa. They also sell Spicy Chips and Spicy Plantain Chips. They were also selling spicy chocolates. We hope to cover CajunTex Salsa in the near future.

Deception Salsa - Makers of Oink Real Bacon Salsa
Deception Salsa
I stopped at the Deception Salsa booth and tried a sauce they make called Oink Bacon Salsa. It is amazing and I hope to blog about “Oink” in the future. Bacon lovers need to purchase this salsa. Deception Salsa has a great product line of salsas and offer flavor profiles for every palate. The selection also seems to grow every year.

Angry Goat Pepper Co. - Hot Sauces
Angry Goat - lots of flavors from Mild to XXX Hot
Big Daddy A-Burn Hot Sauces
Big Fat's Hot Sauce our saucy friends
Blair's Death Sauce Booth great selection
Blair's Death Sauces - I dare you to try them, Hot Hot Hot!
Blair's Feel Alive Zone - Death Sauce
Bocas Hot Sauce - First Year at The Expo
Bravado Spice Co. Staff holding at Two Frys Biz Card
Culley's from New Zealand - Staff

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