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Volcanic Peppers Interview NYC Hot Sauce Expo 2015 Vendor

Timothy Bader
Volcanic Peppers

Foodie and Hot Sauce Blog NYC/BRONX

What is the inspiration to make hot sauce and spicy foods your business?
I have always loved spicy food and started gardening in my twenties to grow my own tomatoes and peppers to make salsa and sauces for my personal use.

What is the road that led you to open Volcanic Peppers?
My daughter and I started to sell our produce at a farmers market about 6 years ago. With the TV recognition the ghost pepper received during that time the demand became high for our hot and super hot peppers. I smoked some Habanero one day and discovered how much I loved them and out of that our Volcano Dust was born. The Volcano Dusts took off online and that was how Volcanic Peppers got its start.

What is the secret of your success selling hot sauces?
No secret really, we just try to make quality products with quality ingredients.

What is the most satisfying thing about what you do, bringing the heat to the people? 
Hearing people say how much they appreciate heat WITH flavor. People seem to be sick of the novelty stuff that tastes like cr*p.

Timothy Bader working the NYC Expo 2014 Hot Pizza Eating Contest.
What is the number of hot sauces/products Volcanic Peppers has available, and
Some of your hottest selling names?
We have 20 sauces and about 25 dry products.  Right now our hottest selling sauce is Dia de Sol, med heat and great flavor also Volcano Dust 1, 2 and 3, Ghost Dust, Scorpion Dust, and Reaper Dust.
Chocolate Lightning Hot Sauce
Scott’s Ghost
Raspberry Scorpion
Red Reaper

Volcanic Layout at the 2014 NYC Hot Sauce Expo
What is your favorite type of fruit and/or vegetables?
HAH!, Chile Peppers of course

What is your favorite type of hot sauce, extreme or mild?
Extreme to me means extract sauces which I do not care for. I get plenty of heat out of our pepper dusts and hotter sauces such as Death by Douglah, Raspberry Scorpion and Red Reaper.

What is your favorite type of BBQ sauce, spicy or sweet?
Our Hot Scorpion BBQ which is sweet and quite hot.

What are some of your other favorite small batch hot sauce companies?
Race City, Cajohn’s, High River, Heartbreaking Dawns, Howling Dog, Lucky Dog are some of my favorites.

Volcanic Peppers how many events do you attend each year?
About 8.

Volcanic Sampling at the 2013 Expo
What is the hottest hot sauce you have ever tried?
I would say Black Mamba 6 and my own extract sauce Olympus Mons.

Do you believe that hot sauce is good for you and others health?

What are your plans for Volcanic Peppers in the future?
Continue to grow and increase our capacity without getting entangled in a bunch of debt. Fortunately we have been able to remain self-funded so far.

How many times have you been a Vendor at The NYC Hot Sauce Expo?
2015 will be the 3rd year. I am very glad to be one of the original supporters of this awesome show.

More Volcanic Peppers goods at the Expo 2014 NYC.
How do you like the amount of fans and vendors that this great event brings together in one place? 
Just awesome, I love seeing all of the energy and excitement.

How can our Two Frys Blog readers order your sauces and products?
You can find us at the festival or visit us at

Any closing comments for our readers about your products and what they should try?
We focus on quality and customer service. We will always try to make you happy that you chose us to provide great flavor and heat. Also know that by purchasing our products you are not only supporting us but the growers right here in the U.S. (Mostly right here in Nebraska) that grow fine produce for us.

Thanks Volcanic Peppers for this warming look into their hot biz, Allen Two Frys

Facebook: Volcanic Peppers

NYC Hot Sauce Expo: NYC Hot Sauce Expo

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