Monday, April 20, 2015

Black Scorpion Hot Sauce

Black Scorpion Hot Sauce
Made by King Scorpion Hot Sauces NJ USA.

King Scorpion Hot Sauces - Black Scorpion Label (Moderate Heat)
My friend Ray Roda sent me one of his hot sauces to try out, it was really good. I used the hot sauce on some Bacon, Mushroom, Bell Pepper and Olive pizza.. King Scorpion Hot Sauces "Black Scorpion Hot Sauce" is a moderately extreme but tasty sauce. I loved the freshness, texture and moderate heat of the Black Scorpion. King Scorpion Sauces have no added salts or thickeners. They use all natural ingredients, in their hot sauces and vinegars. All King Scorpion Hot Sauces are small batch, and they use super hot peppers grown by them in Southern New Jersey, USA.

Great Texture you can see the pepper chunks and Balsamic Color. 
A lot of TLC goes into these small batch peppers as you can tell by the finished product. I also liked the red and black labeling for Black Scorpion (Moderate Heat). This may be a good sauce for very mild sauce users to move up a notch. Moderate yes but it has a sting and this is a nice treat for your taste-buds. Ingredients as simple as Balsamic Vinegar, Chocolate Scorpions and Black Habaneros, make this a great natural sauce to enjoy on your foods. Or also use Black Scorpion to kick up your recipes a bit, just add some to your dishes (to taste of course).

Black Scorpion - It's whats for dinner, Great on Pizza and Rice Dishes.
I am looking forward to more sauces from King Scorpion Hot Sauces in the future. Check out their Facebook page for more information and inquires. Looks like they currently have 6 or more sauces and vinegars.

Image shows nice consistency and
pepper content, great stuff. 
Visit King Scorpion Hot Sauces and contact Ray for more info.

Facebook: King Scorpion Hot Sauces

-Allen/Two Frys

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