Monday, September 2, 2013

Grilling Wild Game Meat and Veggies

Grilling Wild Game Meat and Veggies

Meat Grilling
When in California we the Two Frys, like to do some BBQing with the family as we cannot cook outdoors here in NYC. My Dad and his comrade Bob J. always hooks us up with some great game meats from their hunting trips. They have a secret frozen stash only the family have access to. On this recent trip to California we had Venison burgers, Venison steaks, and Elk Steaks available to BBQ. The Venison was the most recent Deer my Dad shot while hunting in Colorado. The Elk was a gift from the stash of the Bob J. family, my Dad's great friend and hunting buddy. 

Game Meats on the grill!
The Meats were seasoned with Kosher Salt and Cracked Black Pepper and some amazing rub sent to us from Swamp Gourmet, a company we have covered on our blog reviewing their spicy Habanero BBQ Sauces. The rub was really great on the game meats and added some spice, as well as a slight sweetness to the Venison and Elk Steaks and Venison burgers. The rub also was nice on the Elk as it crusted a bit from the Brown sugar and was very tasty. 

Peppers and Zucchini
I also grilled fresh homegrown Zucchini from our long time family friend Barbara S. I quartered the zucchini and basted with gourmet Olive Oil and added a sprinkle of Kosher Salt. The Peppers pictured are from the Livermore Farmers Market that I purchased fresh the day before. To grill the Peppers, add Olive Oil, Kosher Salt and Pepper to taste. 

Zucchini and Venison Steaks on the grill
All the game meats cooked nicely on the grill. The Venison Burgers were a hit and actually all the meat and veggies were eaten by the family, so they must have been good. Too bad we cannot get much game meat here living in an urban area like NYC. This was a successful and fun BBQ in Livermore, and grilling with my Dad was as great if not better than the game meats we ate.

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