Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Red Rooster Louisiana Hot Sauce

Red Rooster Louisiana Hot Sauce

Red Rooster Louisiana Hot Sauce
Red Rooster Louisiana Hot Sauce is a tasty classic Louisiana-style sauce from Bruce foods. They make several great Southern style sauces and much more. This hot sauce is a red pepper hot sauce that goes good on pretty much everything. The heat level is not too high, but the flavor is bold. This hot sauce is made with aged peppers, vinegar and spices and is all natural with no preservatives.

Chicken Wings with Red Rooster
We made Chicken Wings with Red Rooster and they rocked the house. The Chicken Wings had a great vinegar based pepper flavor that was nice, spicy and smooth. Also, Red Rooster is a great condiment for Rice, Vegetables, Fries and tastes really good in a Wrap with cold cuts. If vinegary Louisiana sauces are your preferred flavor, then pick some up now. Again let me mention Bruce Foods makes a whole line of spicy hot sauces in Louisiana. Red Rooster is pure goodness, so be sure to try some of their other sauces as well. This sauce makes white rice taste like heaven. Red Rooster is a must have for hot sauce fans that like a strong vinegar based flavor. 

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