Friday, September 9, 2011

The NY Greenmarkets Locavore Challenge

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This September, join Greenmarket and NOFA-NY in taking the Eat Local Challenge. Eat an all local meal every day, host a locally-sourced potluck visit a Greenmarket-inspired restaurant, and tell them all about it.

About the Challenge - The NY Locavore Challenge is a month-long campaign aimed at engaging consumers across the state in eating local organic foods. The goal for this campaign is to educate consumers about how to make healthy and ethical food choices, cook with in-season, local organic foods, while supporting local sustainable farms and food businesses.

Our 2011 goal is to involve 5,000 people in this year's challenge, and bring the concepts of local, organic and sustainable more into the forefront of the general public's minds. This year's program is versatile, fun and FREE! Participants have the option of signing up for either a Bite-Sized, a Meal-Sized or a Feast-Sized challenge, and within these challenge scopes choose from a variety of different mini-challenges or events to participate in.

Thank you for supporting Greenmarket farmers!

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The NY Locavore Challenge

-Allen/Two Frys

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