Saturday, August 31, 2019

Thrifty Ice Cream

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Allen and his family used to go to Thrifty Drug Stores where they sold Thrifty Ice Cream in California. Owned by Rite Aid, Thrifty Ice Cream has been around since 1940. There are currently 8 signature flavors available at Rite Aid. In the past few weeks, I purchased the Rocky Road and Mint 'N Chip and we loved them both. I love the vintage design on the ice cream packaging. Thrifty is known for its cylinder shape scoop serving which is displayed on the carton.

Rocky Road

Rocky Road

The Rocky Road exceeded our expectations with its lush creamy chocolate ice cream, marshmallows and California almonds. It was dreamy.

Yummy Rocky Road

Rocky Road

Love the design

Cylinder ice cream scoops - so cute! 

Rocky Road description
The Mint 'N Chip was phenomenal. Allen and I loved it and each bite had a refreshing mint flavor and lots of chocolate chips. So decadent.

Min 'N Chip

Mint 'N Chip

We look forward to trying the other flavors. I hope Thrifty Ice Cream is here to stay.

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-Sophia/Two Frys

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