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Bunny Tail Cookies

Bunny Tail Cookies

A few weeks ago while shopping for groceries at my local Stop & Shop I spotted a display with Betty Crocker Limited Edition Bunny Tail Shortbread Cookie Mix. I was tempted to pick up a box and pondered for a few seconds if I should but ultimately gave in. I made two batches of cookie dough from scratch but I wanted to give this a try and see if I would like the texture and taste.

Bunny Tail Cookies

Cutie pastel Bunny Tail Cookies
But allow me to digress... When I woke up on Friday, April 19th I opened my fridge and noticed it was not cold. I was perplexed but ignored this and with one eye open made my coffee and got ready for work. It was later in the afternoon after speaking to Allen that he confirmed my fear that our fridge was BROKEN! So we were without a fridge for four days and on Wednesday our new one arrived. My plan was to start baking after work Thursday and Friday and finish in time by Easter. There was no baking for Easter due to our fridge fiasco until this weekend. I am so thankful to have a new and very pretty fridge, and to be baking and decorating again.

Close-up of Bunny Tail Cookies

I love how they came together

They are adorbs!
This was the first of my spring baking series and I was pleased with the great taste of the shortbread. The cookies have a nice crisp bite and are tender and flavorful (meaning very buttery) inside. The dessicated coconut over the powdered sugar truly elevates this cookie. All you need to add is 1 stick of softened unsalted butter to the shortbread mix and combine in a hand held or stand mixer for a few minutes. Follow the box directions. Easy peasy. If you cannot find this mix, just bake your favorite shortbread and tint the dough. If you cannot find pre-made tails and paws, buy marshmallows and cut each one into 3 equal sized slices, and roll one to make the tails. Then use a pink food decorating pen to draw on the non-sticky side, three toes and one pad as seen in the photo above.

Glad I bought this

What I used for this cookie project and just added butter
I separated the dough and tinted it in 4 colors: leaf green, violet, turquoise and pink. I used a cookie scoop and rolled the dough into balls placing 2 inches apart on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. I took two bowls and in one added powdered sugar and dessicated coconut in the other. After I baked the cookies and while they were warm, I dipped them in the powdered sugar and then in the dessicated coconut.

Left: powdered sugar. Right: dessicated coconut

Colored dough
I ordered bunny paws and tails edible decorations from Fancy Flours (link below). I put a little royal icing (if you do not have royal icing, you can buy ready made icing from Wilton or Betty Crocker) and gently pressed them into each one. I put the cookies on a sheet tray and covered them overnight to let them set.

Cookies ready for their tails and paws

Tails and paws I used
I fully recommend the Betty Crocker Limited Edition Bunny Tail Shortbread Cookie Mix. It was a fun project.

A dab of royal icing to stick onto the cookie

Turquoise Bunny Tail Cookies are done
For the bunny tails and paws and other great products visit Fancy Flours:


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